Don't Gas Rabbits to Death!

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Aberdeenshire Council have made the appalling decision to gas rabbits to death, merely for being rabbits. 

Wild rabbits have been eating plants and digging holes in Bass Cemetery, and Aberdeenshire Council believe that these animals merely doing what comes naturally to them is reason enough to sentence them to a horrific death.

Contrary to their claims, gassing is far from humane, and it has been likened to a sensation of being burnt from the inside out. You only have to watch footage of pigs being slaughtered in this way to realise just what a brutal, terrifying death this is.

Wild animals have as much right to exist on this planet as we do. We build upon their homes and force them to relocate over and over again; they do not deserve to be punished as a repercussion of our own actions! 

Please join us in asking them to reconsider this cruel, unjustifiable decision!