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Currently there are only two Ikea Stores in Scotland, both of which are in the Central Belt, 54.2 miles apart in Edinburgh and Glasgow. We feel that the Northern part of Scotland has been left out for too long, and object to driving a minimum of 2 and a half hours to get to a store

Letter to
Aberdeenshire Council
Aberdeen City Council
We, the people of Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and the Highlands & Islands of Scotland feel that our voices need to be heard. For too long now we have wanted and needed an Ikea Store further north than Glasgow and Edinburgh.

On several occasions Ikea have assessed Aberdeen as a potential location, however due to what we believe are outdated ideas of population assessment Ikea have as yet not seen fit to recognise Scotland's consumers north of the central belt.

We feel that although our population is spread across a wider area there is a demand for your products and a Store further north would be profitable to Ikea.

The population of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire stands at over 480,000 that does not include the shoppers that regularly travel to the area from the Highlands and Islands!

Why should the people of the North of Scotland have to travel for many hours to give you their hard earned cash, or pay your excessive delivery charges? You are missing out on a large section of potential customers who either can't or won't travel to Edinburgh or Glasgow and customers who want to see what they are purchasing rather than an online picture.

We, along with the people who have signed this petition have a great many ideas of possible locations. We ask that you reconsider your previous decisions to not locate in the Aberdeenshire area.

Customers should have a right to choice and by not giving them that choice we feel that you are not recognising the significant spending power of a large part of the Scottish population

Yours sincerely
For the Campaign to Bring Ikea to Aberdeen/shire

Jan Jamieson

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