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To have appropriate commercials during children based TV shows/Movies on FreeForm

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I really enjoy the channel FreeForm (formally ABC Family), and many of their shows. Though what I really enjoy is that every weekend they run movie marathons, sometimes its a series of movies, sometimes its nostalgic movies from my own childhood, sometimes it's romantic comedy's but often it's movies for kids.  I am sure many of you have seen these on the weekends and often binge watch them.

What I feel needs to be changed though is that while programming that is intended for child audience is on FreeForm/ABC/Disney play age appropriate commercials.   For instance today I am watching Matilda with my son and daughter (ages 7 and 5) and every commercial break shows scary and drastically inappropriate commercials for FreeForms shows.  It is currently 11:42 ET and as my kids are watching this fun and family based movie a commercial for Pretty Little Layers comes on talking about scandalous behavior, then a commercial for REELZTV comes on for an episode of "Murder Made Me Famous" about how a women killed her husband and kids.  My children sat there stunned about what they were hearing.  I sat there stunned and sadly it wasn't the first time, but maybe the first time they really noticed it.  

Usually to avoid these inappropriate moments but to still enjoy FreeForms great programing I DVR theses movies so that my kids or I can fast-forward past the commercials. If I am not paying attention as they watch my daughter will sometimes say "Dad the scary stuff is on again" which cues me its time to fast-forward.   It is sad that a family friendly company like Disney would put such age inappropriate commercials partnered with their own movies.  I am sure this is why you changed the name of your channel from a family friendly name ABCFamily to a more teen based name, FreeForm but if you aren't going to adjust your programming during the weekend days, I ask you to change your commercials and put programming appropriate commercials on.  I would even suggest maybe some cross platform commercials for Disney or Disney Jr.??  

I hope others feel as strongly as I do and their families enjoy your programming as much as we do.  Make the TV safe and appropriate for the kids even if your name has changed!

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