Boycott ABC!

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Comedians crack jokes about race, religion, political figures all the time. If Roseanne Barr is to be made an example, then all those in Hollywood who have made any jokes or used any type of racial slur or insult towards anyone, especially the President of the United States, should also be fired and not allowed to work in the business again. Since this is not the way it has happened, Roseanne Barr needs to be rehired and her new show allowed to air. If not, this is considered a bias, where only certain people are allowed to express themselves in this manner and get away with it. The American People will NOT tolerate this behavior, especially from an institution that depends on viewership for ratings and for selling advertisement. The American people who have tuned into this show and given it the high ratings it has earned, will Boycott ABC! 

The signatures collected in this petition will show The Will of "The People". Viewership will suffer and your network will crumble!

"We The People" have spoken!