Captain Swan Special (OUAT)

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On October 13th 2017 we found out, in the episode 7x02 aired on Abc - where Jennifer Morrison appeared for her last time - how our beloved Emma Swan and Captain Hook (Killian Jones) had their "happily ever after", with a future baby on their way.
But the truth is, a lot of fans were really disappointed about the few scenes of them together and, most of all, about the quick way they left us, through a magical portal that brought them back to Storybooke.
They have been the main characters for 5 years now, one of the main reasons why many people watched the show, and so we think that dedicating a final episode to them was the right thing to do. We didn't get to see Emma revealing Killian about the pregnancy, and now we'd have hope of seeing the birth of the baby and any cute family moments.
So, why this petition? The reason is very simple: we'd love so much to see more about these two wonderful characters, about their love story and their life together with their child\children. A special episode would be the best gift that we fans could receive.
Of course, this is just a suggestion that doesn't demand any commitments from the actors: only if they want and can join the project, according to their schedule, it could actually be put in place.

Thanks for your attention. The Captain Swan fandom.

✔ Update: Both Colin and Jennifer said to the last OUAT Burbank Con that they'd be in for a Captain Swan movie! So we need it now even more!!! 

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