Stop Poachers In New Zealand

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Our beautiful New Zealand birds are dying every day. But the reason might not be what you imagine. Poachers are killing them! If you see somebody poaching, tell them it's not right or call the police. A witness has seen poachers in Western Springs Park catching birds using nets! Imagine that, just killing a bird for no good reason. Or is that actually not the case? Well we don't think so. These are some reasons:

  • For money.
  • For the ivory in their beaks.
  • For poachers dinner.

And to wonder, that might not be all! By putting your name down, we are coming closer to having less and less poachers in New Zealand. If we can get a small amount instead of a big amount of poachers, that could save our beautiful birds from extinction. You might wonder, what about those birds that don't do good things? Well we believe that every bird has it's own right, so by putting your name down we can make a small change in a big world.