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Ban on retail pets in Abbotsford Pet Stores

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Abbotsford bylaws currently allow the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits from backyard breeders. When asked where these animals come from, the pet store simply states they come from a breeder. 

It’s hard to know the source of animals sold in pet shops, and there is a high likelihood that these animals are not coming from reputable breeders, but rather horrible conditions. Then once in petstores, the animals are kept in tiny glass cages. 

Other cities, including Richmond, New Westminster and other municipalities across Canada and the U.S., have already passed similar bylaws restricting pet sales in recent years.

The retail, pet-sales ban would mean people in Abbotsford are still able to adopt cats, dogs or rabbits directly through reputable breeders themselves and through recognized animal-rescue and shelter organizations. The Canadian Kennel Club’s Code of Practice prohibits member breeders from selling dogs to pet stores. The Cat Fanciers Association has also stated that “reputable breeders of purebred cats do not sell their kittens” through pet stores.

There are currently hundreds of unwanted dogs, cats, and rabbits in need of homes and who are looking to be adopted in the Fraser Valley through the SPCA, animal control, and local rescue groups. 

Pet stores who sell these animals from breeders "sell" dogs and kittens, at an outrageous price. They are not fixed and sometimes not even vetted at all. This largely contributes to the over population of pets. Pet stores also do not care about who "buys" these pets. They are sold to whomever shows the store the money first. 

When so many pets are needing homes and dying in shelters every day, there is NO need to have pet stores sell dogs from breeders and puppy mills. 

Let's show that that city of Abbotsford cares about animals over profits. 

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