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Aaron North: Stay Strong! We Stand Here With You!

Aaron North was the guitarrist of the punk band The Icarus Line, lead guitarrist for NIN and the lead singer and guitar player for Jubilee. In my opinion his chaotic and destructive guitar playing style is unmatched by any other guitar player I've ever known, and is recognized by many Nine Inch Nails fans as one of their best guitar players to ever tour with them. Due to recent struggles with mental illness; bipolar disorder and severe clinical depression, Aaron North retired from the music industry in 2008 and has been struggling financially and emotionally ever since. As a big fan of his, and someone who can acknowledge his emotional pain and knows the burden of mental illness, I want to make this petition so we can send a mass message of encouragement to North and find a way to contact him and support him financially and emotionally. Stay Strong Aaron.

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SPIN David Marchese
Help us get in contact with Aaron North, so he knows we're here to support him as a fanbase.