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Aaron Neilson Convicted POACHER - Granted permits to kill 14 LIONS! We Say ENOUGH

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I believe that the time has come for the likes of Global Hunting Resources to take note that the general public do not agree with Trophy Hunting - nor will they be duped with the 'we bring thousands into these areas, therefore protecting these animals' blather, which is the generic blurb from all of these groups/individuals. To see a man/woman grinning over a kill, is just abhorrent in this day and age. In Mr Neilson's own words to his fellow hunters " The sad part of this is there is no way we could get 100,000 hunters to band together and petition against the anti-hunters. I am also shocked at the lack of outrage expressed by hunters on this board. Instead was want to think that this is just ranting by a few radical lunatics."  "The point I am trying to make is, we are getting our asses kicked as a collective group - and unless we start doing something about it, we are screwed!!!" 
Well, we tend to agree with you here Mr Neilson. Most of the people who find your grinning and straddling, grabbing, holding aloft and dragging bloodied corpses of your Lion 'Trophies' are not 'lunatics'. They are genuine, law abiding, Global Citizens.

Mr Neilson's response to questions about how he can justify his actions is to respond by saying he brings thousands into the areas...followed by...'what are you doing?' This is what we are doing Mr Neilson.

How can this man be granted a hunting permit when he has a conviction as a poacher in the USA? Why have Facebook not taken down his graphic, boasting 'kill' shots?

In response to discovering he had three petitions against him, Mr Neilson decided to post a status to all his animal loving 'fans' This depicted him posing with 12 of his bloodied lion 'kills' and the following text: 

Aaron Neilson added 12 new photos. June 12 ·  

TBT - A little something special for my many thousands of Anti-Hunting Fans! They currently have 3 active petitions against me (just google it) apparently hoping numerous African countries will no longer allow me entry? Ya right, the guy who shows up with the money - to partake in a legal, ethical and widely supported activity within there country. I'm sure that's gonna happen?

Of particular angst amongst them is my interest in hunting the African Lion! Apparently they seem to think I like to hunt "canned lions" - nope!!! That would be 95% of the other lion hunts you see on TV!!! And for some unknown reason - they also seem to think the African Lion is an "endangered species", really??? Where in the world did that come up with that??

Anyway - a few of my TBT pics of the week, enjoy!!!

— with Jeremiah Bennett and 4 others.  

  The arrogance to say that he would not be banned from African countries, as he is 'The guy who shows up with the money' shows how little he respects not only his quarry but also the Countries he visits to hunt in. How Can Tanzania's Minister Lazaro entertain a poacher to hunt and film in Tanzania this year? Is it as Mr Neilson says? That the man who shows up with the money can without question, have free reign to pursue his 14th Lion Trophy?

I cannot understand Mr Neilson's response considering his posts? but it certainly does make about as much sense as a full grown man of dubious background, pursuing his 14th Lion.


Please Keep supporting all petitions against this man. We want to protect our wildlife not destroy it for the ego of a man and a picture? 


Please sign sensibly - This is a passionate subject matter but hopefully brains over brawn ( oh - and a gun ) may just make the difference.


Thank you 





Please Note - I apologise for the graphic photographic image - There is not one picture, which is in my opinion the least disgraceful on his open facebook page.  If you are outraged, as I am, then you may wish to report it's content but I implore you to do so in a restrained and dignified manner. Thank you

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