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On 31 March, 2018, a student in NIT Mizoram, DEVSHARAN KUMAR (B. Tech - first year) died allegedly in the evening due to bad quality of food and waterprovided in the hostel.

The college authority was informed about the problem of squalid food and unhygienic water systems (There are no RO purifiers in the hostels) six months before this demise, but seemingly the authorities didn't take any prior action.

About 15 days before the death, the student appealed the warden for leave as he was not able to appear in his mid semester exams because of feeling extremely unwell, but his request was disdained. This ignorance by the hostel authority took his life away.

While travelling to his home on 30th march, he was admitted in Guwahati midway of the journey. He had throat infection first but doctors were unable to understand what has happened exactly. He was also supposed to have a heart conjecture. Finally on 31st march, 2018, he died in the hospital due to food poisoning. 

The students of NIT Mizoram do not have access to media facility to cover this.

The need of the hour is to uproot this ignorance towards hygiene so that this does not happen with any other student. His life could be saved if he would have been given prior attention from the authorities.

Sign this petition asking the authorities of NIT Mizoram to ensure quality food and water supply and to implement a system that addresses the problems of students.