Encourage Trump's Evangelical Council to Resign

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Malachi 2:10 - Have we not all one father? Hath not one God created us?

Donald Trump has continued to support white supremacists, neo-nazis, and nazi sympathizers in his remarks to the citizens of the United States. These remarks have been the impetus for CEO's from the President's Manufacturing Council as well as individuals from the President's Strategy and Policy Forum to resign these appointments and cut ties with the President, citing his continued support for these groups. Startlingly absent from these resignations has been anyone from President Trump's Evangelical Executive Advisory Board. 

Clergy of all faiths stood for peace and in unity against these horrific groups in Charlottesville, VA, yet their counterparts on the Evangelical Executive Advisory Board continue to stand by the side of the President. This is a travesty. This petition seeks to ask members of the Evangelical Advisory Board to resign! Continuing to stand beside a man who stands firm against Christ's teachings is an abomination to Evangelicals and people of faith all over this great nation.