Asian Paints and other companies should grant consumer right without prejudice.

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I have used Asian paints exterior wall primer,Royale luxury emulsion, Asian paints Apex Ultima, Asian paints Apex, damp block 2 k, damp block white plain, damp block white advance, Asian paints putty on our home walls and Asian paints ace and I have got one wall designed from Asian paints designer and still the paint is peeling off from the walls and I have used damp block and other products of Asian paints on the whole house and still the painting work is going on.

I have complaint to company and their executive came and examined and said we didn't follow the application procedure of damp block but I told them we don't know painting work and trusted painter and contractor as they said they learnt the procedure from Asian paint engineer and we relied on company name but still they put the blame on us and our walls and falsified facts in their closure report. My painter told me there is no solution to dampness and the damp products which we have applied has caused dampness to move upward i.e., capillary action and in report it is said peeling off is from above damp block applied area but now it is covering damp block area and worsened.

 The executive told solution that will cost me 1.5lacs rs or more and company will cover only 8,000-10,000 rs if we follow there way of applying damp block to which i said no to.

Recently I asked them to pay me rs50,000 in cash as compensation but they denied, now I want rs75,000 as compensation after so much mental pain.

The bill and report in the name of my father d.h.sahai/d.sahai Complaint no are: 0505246039,0505246080,0505246083,0505246182,0505246245,0505246248,0505246082,0505246247,505246039 Complaints r in my name Nishant Sahai,

Our reason for granting compensation was not presented as we don't know the painting work and our first painter Munna who told us that he has learned procedure of application of damp block from Asian paints engineer and second contractor lalman is an Asian paint contractor too but he also followed the same procedure of damp block now we are at loss as we didn't hide anything and trusted Asian paints, painter and contractor so we are at grave loss.

Reply from company on Ingram is as follows :. As per response received from the company “\"In paint or any such coating application, apart from the product other dimensions like Surface condition, Paint / material Application etc. are equally important. In this case, post investigation it has been identified that the problem is not due to the quality of paint or material supplied to you but the same is due to improper application. We have provided a detailed investigation report to the customer mentioning the same and the root cause of the problem. We have been very prompt to respond to his queries and understand his concern. However, the customer has been reluctant to arrive at any consensus. We request for his indulgence in the said matter for an amicable closure. \"

My reason for granting compensation is that the application procedure was done by first painter Munna who claimed to have learned the procedure from Asian paints engineer and same procedure was followed by lalman who is an Asian paints contractor too

I have high doubt that Asian paints team at Varanasi has devised an makeshift or jugaad application procedure of damp block to generate sales and get commission as the Asian paints dealer Singh paints also told the same procedure done by my first painter Munna and followed by second contractor lalman who is an Asian paints contractor too as actual procedure of damp block will cost huge money to be invested and now dampness situation has aggravated in our house as it was very limited but Asian paints put all the blame on application procedure and our wawalls conditions like heavy moisture , efflorescence, seepage but there was limited moisture , no efflorescence was observed by us or told by painter or contractor and there was little or no seepage issue but point I am trying to make is we didn't hide anything but still we are suffering.

Looking for a speedy solution from public  as we have already invested in material and labor and now we have to again invest in material and labor for repairment which would cost us above RS 1.5lacs and we are just asking for RS 75,000 as it will be a double blow for us

Our complaint on Ingram has been disposed off after same reply Asian paints gave to me on my email so hoping for justice from nation aware public.

This Ingram acts only as an messenger, passes on to company what we wrote to it and passes on to us what company wrote to us, it never present your case or fight for it, so this Ingram is an waste of effort.

The executive that visit our house and even their customer care number agent told us that you didn't read instructions on the packing or called helpline but how many times we read instructions on packing or call helpline number in a painting job, we all trust painter and contractor.How many times do we read instructions on packing or call helpline Number of products we buy, most will nod in negative and we trust retailer, known person who has used that product and experts but we are being harassed by Asian paints for no faults of ours.

I am sending a link to my tweets that I posted after so much agony please take out 20 minutes of time to read it fully and please rt too

If ever you have felt that injustice has been done to you by these companies and they have taken consumer for granted then please sign my petition as it will not only help me to get compensated but will make all companies work for consumers welfare and will not take consumers for granted and I will be there to support you all and above all God is watching you

Thanks and regards
Nishant Sahai

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