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Change Montana Animal Selling Laws & Close Jack's Pet Center

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In the video above, a couple bought a dog from Jack's pet store. This puppy did survive but he had parasites, was malnourished, severely dehydrated and had old infected wounds which were covered by matted fur.

"This place has a horrible reputation for selling animals that have both been neglected and abused. Thier store is a nightmare. The puppies are in fish tanks, the monkeys are in filth, the reptiles have no UV or Heat lamps, the food and water bowls are disgusting, the whole place smells like excrement and the staff and owners have rude attitudes towards both customers and animals. They should not be in business"(Close Jack's Pet Center FB Group).

"Aw, this little guy at Jack's Pet Store today. He had a VERY swollen VERY large hole in his back. I (on a whim) asked to buy him but they said no because they do not sell animals with injuries. I then offered double the price and they still refused. When I asked why the woman who I assume ran the store said "look girlie, we wouldn't sell you that hamster for five times the price and I'm not pointing my finger at you, but some people will buy an animal just to sue us when it passes" and the man who was also working tried to defuse the situation said that he would tag the hamster and in two weeks when it was healed he would give him to me, but he also said he was not treating it because if he tries to treat the hamster it will be attacked by the others sharing a cage, which in my opinion is an easy fix- GET HIM HIS OWN CAGE AND HEAL HIM!!!- and I just know he would've called saying it was my hamster but it would've just been another one that looked like it. While in the cage, he kept his face pressed against the wall breathing very slowly while the others were jumping around. One jumped on top and ripped the scab up and open again. He looked very very sick and very much dying. I'm not sure what to do, but I will go back on Sunday and ask again with my parents. Share this post. Montana's current animal cruelty laws and ASPCA has approved of these conditions. We need to make these terrible conditions known(Lauren B.)"

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