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A Petition for Donation to Help the Nation: A Change for the Orphanage

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According to Save the Children Organization of the Philippines, millions of Filipino children are being deprived from education, health, and parental care. For the children who was abandoned by their parents, been separated from them because of a disaster, and been maltreated by their guardians or parents, the place they only seek refuge are orphanages. In the Philippines, there only a few orphanages and not all can accommodate the number of orphans. Some NGO’s which serves as orphanages are facing problems especially about their funding. These NGO’s only rely on the kind heart of the people and foundations to help them run their orphanage. Without those, they would not be able to run the orphanages anymore. One orphanage that is run by a NGO institution is the Meritxell Children’s World Foundation.

Our chosen orphanage, Meritxell, is a non-government organization that has been caring for abandoned and marginalized girls aged 0-16 since 2008. Their goal is to provide a loving home for girls who have had little opportunity for any kind of family support. Our group has interviewed some of the orphans and a staff in the foster home, so that we could assess the overall needs of the children and the orphanage. After conducting the interview with the staff, she has told us that most of their problems stems out from the occasional lack of budget, and this happens especially in times wherein a child needs medical attention. During the interview with the foster children, we noticed that the children were contented with their condition in the orphanage. They didn't want any other changes to happen in their home. However, no matter how contented they are with their condition, their greatest wish is to have a family of their own.

The main reason for this petition is to raise awareness of the current condition of the orphanages around the Philippines in hope of having more donations and foundations to support these orphanages. It is true that millions of Filipino children are left abandoned and abused that is why those children will see comfort in orphanages. Please help spread awareness of the state our orphanages are in and donate to these institutions to help these children. Be a change for an orphanage.



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