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Fox Fisher
Brighton, ENG, United Kingdom

Oct 29, 2016 — With such negative press regarding this loving mum and her daughter, it can have a knock on effect on the treatment of other trans people. I have been in regular contact with the mum, however that's all I can mention due to a gagging order. In response to a recent article, another Mermaids mum has shared these words:

'So many blinkered views on the daily mail article about Mermaids today... I didn't choose my daughters gender, she did! I didn't force girls clothes on her she improvised with the boys clothes I was buying up until she was 10! She doesn't have a girly role model in this family yet she's always been the most girly... no I wasn't desperate for a girl I already had TM. I prefer boys, less maintenance. No one would choose to be transgender likewise a parent wouldn't choose it for their child. Let's face it life sucks for the 'normal' amongst us! The bravery she has shown to become herself amazes me everyday. She didn't know she could grow her own hair, she thought she was alone with these feelings, she thought she had to conform to please society! Talk about qualifications, I first approached our GP's surgery when she was 5 and begging for a school dress! They told me tell her NO! So I forced my child to pretend to be a boy for the next 5 years! That's when she became depressed! Mermaids and Susie gave us the strength to say 'f*ck society, it's a child's happiness and mental well being at stake' and introduced her to adults and children just like her, she was so overwhelmed she was lost for words (never happens). I love my daughter unconditionally, I'm the one who has to travel backwards and forwards to London monthly to attend appointments where she can't even speak as her gender dysphoria is so bad, she can't even acknowledge the truth under her clothes because it's just too painful. It's me that cries after every appointment, it's me that screams and shouts that anyone who dares to mess with her, cos her life is hard enough! It's me that grieved for a child I thought I had, walking around girly shopping for the 1st time sobbing, I couldn't take her as it was too painful for me, but then seeing the absolute delight on her face when she saw the stuff I had picked! I know I am doing the right thing by my child right now. She knows nothing is set in stone and the choices are hers to make and I will always back her 100% I much prefer to take advice from Mermaids, Susie Green as the mother of a very beautiful and successful trans woman, and Shelley Bridgman who went to hell and back to become her true self, no one chooses this life for fun..." SC (Mum to a trans girl)

We value your continued support and we really need to keep making sure that this never happens to trans kids because all they need is support. This case is being used to fuel hate and prejudice against trans people all around and we must fight and hope that this young trans girl will be reunited with her mother again so she can continue to live our her true and authentic self with all the love and support that she really needs.

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