Cease the destruction of Native land of the near extinct Australian Quoll.

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Native Quolls that once thought extinct and are near extinction are having their land cleared to make way for new suburbs.
The near extinct Corroboree Frog and the Native Small Eagle also inhabit this area.
Plans for small km buffer zones or exclusion zones for these animals was considered but dismissed.

The building needs cease immediately and large scale studies that need be lublicly shared and openly disvussed must be put in place immediately also.

Personal story
I ama 8 year old boy who lives the bush and native flora and fauna.
My Dad has taken me to a place walking distance from our Higgins address since I was born and in the pram.
It's a lovely place where we used to catch yabbies and we used to always explore the are all day and almost everytime we would make it our mission to spot the Corroboree frogs and the Small eagles and we always had success in locating them.
On 3 occasion we also saw the extreme rare Canberra Spotted Quill and I love them the most.
Now they have all been killed and no-one cares atall cause they still building the suburbs. I can't believe that we could be so cruel as to not even give thema little bit of their own space. After all it is their space.
This hasmade me so sad and I think of what will be killednrxt cause we just keep building.