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A better labelling system in New Zealand for all products containing Palm Oil.

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Palm oil is in "half of the packaged products for sale in the supermarket". It's a lucrative businesses, that is clearly proving far too enticing for poorer countries to take the moral high ground and refuse involvement. 

Most of us know Palm Oil is bad. A few years ago Greenpeace made enough of a fuss for Proctor & Gamble and Mars to feel the pressure and sign 'zero burning' contracts to stop the burning of the rainforests to make way for palm oil plantations. But as we could have guessed, corruption undermined compliance. Contracts were signed by the 3 largest companies to use Palm oil, but, them fires are still burning. 

What a shame to have to learn time and again that profits drive decision making. Let's admit to ourselves that this is how the world works. 

If we know the main thing driving decisions over at corporate HQ is money, let's stop buying their products. Then they'll have to look for an alternative! 


We know this would work, and we're not doing it. 

Why not? Because who wants the already loathsome supermarket trip to be extended in any way. It would mean we'd have to pick up each and every single item, turn it over, scan the teeny tiny paragraph of ingredients for palm oil - and, if found continue on until we find one free of the awful stuff - only to do it again for the next item. Palm oil is in half of the products on your list. 

We're good people and we want change but it's currently a little bit too hard to do the right thing. It's human nature to take the easy road, it doesn't mean we approve of what is happening (1,000 of the 6,300 Orang-utans left are killed every year, forced child labour, sumatran tiger population heading for extinction in less than 3 years, greenhouse gasses changing our weather (Indonesia surpassed the US on emissions, 300 football fields of rainforest cleared every hour.......)

Let's make it easier to do the right thing.  

We propose a better labelling system on all products containing Palm Oil in New Zealand. We propose 'contains palm oil' be clearly written & on the front of all products containing palm oil on our New Zealand shelves. Then, if we still choose to purchase these products we do so willingly. 



Let's let NZ lead the rest of the world in yet another initiative.

We need your signature to make the first step. We won't even make you read any small print. 

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