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Do NOT support María Celeste Arrarás book&Tv series, Selena's Secret, El Secreto De Selena

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Urging all Selena Quintanilla Perez fans to please spread the word and Pledge to refrain from supporting anything written, said or otherwise mention about Selena by María Celeste Arrarás. 

 Selena had No secrets, & she was not involved in any affairs. She was the same loving, caring, giving and genuine person that her fans saw and felt. While no one is a perfect human being, Selena was far from what this book and TV show portray her to be. There is no truth or proof of Maria's allegations about our beloved Selena. 

Maria can NOT be trusted. Anyone who knew or loved Selena would know not to trust the words from the person who betrayed and Killed Selena.  But Maria decided to interview and listen to Selena's Killer Yolanda Saldivar. After interviewing Yolanda, Maria said herself that she found Yolanda Charming. Maria is also the same person who aired a video on her show that alleged that Selena had a secret love affair with her killer Yolanda. Maria described how she felt being the first TV host to announce Selena being shot and ultimately killed on her TV show, as a bitter Sweet feeling as a journalist. Sad Selena died, but happy to be the first to report it. 

Maria has NOT provided any evidence to support her rumors in her book. Maria claims that she has mountains of evidence to support her claims, but in reality, her main source of information that is used in her book comes from the same evil person who stole from and then murdered Selena cold heartedly.  

Selena does not deserve to have her character destroyed, especially because she is not here to defend or speak on these rumors. I ask would anyone want for people to believe or listen to a person speak negatively about them after they are dead? Especially if the person who spoke these rumors was the same person who murdered them? I am urging all Selena fans to ignore this woman and her lies and avoid watching her Tv series or reading/buying her book. 

Thank you,  Signed, A True Selena Fan.

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