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Enough is enough!

Just this past summer, it has been brought to our attention that Norman Hardie has been accused of sexual misconduct on many accounts, from multiple victims left damaged and traumatized Now, less than six months later, the LCBO has decided to put Norman Hardie wines back on its shelves. The undeniable amount of trauma to many victims were swept under the rug by the LCBO’s decision is horrificlly insensitive. 

‘Many people have a lot of questions. Many prominent restauranteurs are outraged and disgusted, many individuals are using social media to post and share this information and those are all really good things, but I don’t know if it’s enough. It’s been a week , and the LCBO has remained silent about their decision.’ -Heather Bruce 

‘ What I have learned through the LCBO’s decision is that we can’t keep quiet. We need to keep this conversation going, not just with Norm Hardie, but as a community and as industry at large. The LCBO restocking his wines not only say’s that victims of abuse don't matter. It is troubling that a Crown Agency is conducting themselves in this way. We should take issue with that. We should all be demanding answers. We should be demanding accountability for supporting an individual and a business that has sexual harassment and misconduct allegations against him/it, but has done little to nothing to make amends for such behaviour. Not just victims, for all of us.’

LCBO's move to restock Norman Hardie wines lacks transparency

Norman Hardie wines being sold again at LCBO following sexual misconduct allegations

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