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Request PM to free Subhash Jewria as millions of poor Indians are adversely affected.

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For the sake of common man who wants to improve his life.

How to honestly do business in India? In the world list of countries for "Ease of doing Business"
India is one of the worst country.
But from the media reports we can see a common thread that possibility help one to do a great business if he has relationship with the powerful politicians as is amply clear by looking at the past and present media news... Robert Bhadra, Jaganmohan Reddy, Karti Chidambram, Jay Shah etc.
But what about the genuine businessmen? They can also do business but not on the Big scale; for that they must have the backing of the powerful politicians.

See the contrast:
The promoter of first Crypto Currency, ATC Coin in India has been detained for past four days as his deposition of ₹ 9 Crs as advance tax made EOW officials doubt his intentions and led to seizure of ₹68 Crs. His ATC Coin trade turnover could be over ₹1000 Crs, but Jay Shah's making ₹80 Cr doesn't bother EOW, and attracts court case for defaming; this is called offensive defence. His lawyer doesn't show up and the case is adjourned to next date.... few more dates and Gujarat elections would pass without any damage to the ruling party. It is not claimed that Jay or anyone else is currept. But Subhash Jewria was in the process of setting up India's first crypto currency exchange "ohocash" and world's largest trade for common goods for common man, generating millions of jobs.

ABP News which only about ten days ago promoted impending launch of a new Crypto currency Coin on 16 Oct, but yesterday declared that ATC Coin was for cheating the innocent public through MLM.
MLM is a legal business; Crypto Currency isn't illegal. In fact based upon the findings of the experts it has come to light that Blockchain Technology is very secure, RBI itself is likely to launch Laxmi.

Crystal Gazing could give us many angles to be suspicious of.
Could it be some very BIG people wanting to make Big money by launching their own Coin who are behind Subhash Jewria so that ATC Coin drops badly to knock off competition?

Whatever it is, it is very sad that govt, which wants to create jobs is hurting its own cause by rendering approximately 20 lacs people loose money and a great opportunity to improve their lives? And millions further jobs being denied to Indians.
Today, Lacs of people are doing trading of Crypto Currency in India and earning their daily bread. But India's own ATC Coin, which has the power to attract lots of wealth from abroad and also provide employment to millions is being maulded in a mafia like manner.
Only God can save India's progress, that too by miracles as its ruling establishment can't see what is happening around in the world.

We strongly request our PM Modi Ji to intervene and give Mr Subhash Jewria free hand to execute World's most empowering enterprise "the market place" linked to ATC Coin so that millions of Indians benefit.
If there are economic offence, personally against Mr Jewaria, he could be dealt as per Law of the Land, but he must be let free to execute the project upon which destiny of millions of people is linked. If needed, he could be allowed to work under supervision. The present method would kill the best venture of not only of India but of the world.

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