Put soft serve ice cream machine in Campbell River 711 locations

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Back in December of 2017 I went on a trip to visit some family in Drayton Valley, AB. On the second day at around 1am i decided to go on a walk and found myself at a local 7-Eleven convenience store. It is here, beside the Slurpee machines that I saw a large colorful sign with the words "make your SLURPEE SCREAM!" written in bold.

Seriously, have you ever had Slurpee and soft serve? that is AWESOME. The community deserves a place to get soft serve whenever they please without having to go to a specialty store. Why not get your ice cream at the same place that you get your party sized bags of chips, gum, lottery tickets and cigarettes!!!

Yes I am being 100% serious.

The solution? Sign this petition for the chance that the local 7-eleven owners/managers see that this is something we ALL want....no...deserve!!!

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