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38 Degrees, stop silencing and censoring women

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I recently started a petition on 38 degrees, asking the UK government and the leaders of the main political parties in the UK to give further consideration to forthcoming gender ID legislation in view of the potentially catastrophic and dangerous effects of women's rights this legislation is likely to have.

My petition was worded as follows;

'Allowing anyone to self identify as a woman and abolishing the need for a gender recognition certificate, has dangerous implications for the safety of women and girls. It means that anyone that who says they identify as female will be able to access women's shelters, hospital wards, toilets, changing rooms and will be able to compete against women in sport, occupy positions designated for women on boards, and take scholarships intended for women'

In 24 hours the petition had attracted nearly 500 signatures before it was removed. An email from 38 Degrees said;

Dear Caroline, I’m afraid your petition is inappropriate for this website. The 38 Degrees team have reviewed the petition and whilst we absolutely understand the need to create safe spaces for all genders, we believe that this petition plays a lot on fear and discriminates against trans women and therefore breaks our terms and conditions. Obviously we all hope that the government give full consideration to any new laws brought in, but we believe this petition attempts to play off the rights of one vulnerable minority group against the rights of another group. As such we are not happy to host this petition 38 Degrees is independent of all political parties, and upholds values of freedom, democracy, peace, human rights, community, equality, fairness and sustainability. We reserve the right to remove any campaigns or comments that do not share these principles. We reserve the right to remove any petition which we judge to promote illegal acts, hatred, violence, discrimination or stereotypes based on race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, disability, nationality or religion.'

As the petition had been deleted, I was unable to contact those who had taken the time to sign it.

This censorship is symptomatic of the left's mass silencing of women whenever they try to speak out about concerns for their rights being eroded. We call upon 38 Degrees to reinstate the petition, revise their censorious and misogynistic policies, and allow women's voices to be heard.

Women raising their concerns about their own safety is not 'inappropriate' and it is telling that 38 Degrees views it as such. Neither does it attempt to play on fear. We know that self ID in other countries has led to an increase in males entering female spaces and hurting or abusing them, and 38 Degrees attempt to dismiss this as 'playing off the rights of one vulnerable minority to another' is a blatant and possibly deliberate misreading of the purpose of the petition and the facts surrounding it. Self ID has obvious implications in terms of the boundaries and privacy that women had to fight hard for, and it is shocking that in 2017 organisations such as 38 Degrees are attempting to shut down this vital debate.


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