Return Guam's Resources: Stop the Leasing of Lands from the Navy

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Last week, the Government of Guam entered into an agreement to lease 164 acres of land from the Department of the Navy. If the Navy can make 164 acres of OUR OWN land available to lease (back to us), why hasn't it been returned to the original landowners from whom it was taken?

1. A review and termination of the lease agreement.
2. A formal review of land held by the U.S. military, and a call to return these lands to the people of Guam and/or original landowners, including the 164 currently leased acres and FENA area.


- After WWII, almost 60% of Guam was taken by the US Navy, separating original landowners from their livelihood (farming and fishing) and sustainability.

- This land was unjustly and illegally taken using arbitrarily derived amounts, condemnation, and deed transfers.

- Although some land has been returned, the US military still occupies close to 1/3 of the best farmland, fishing areas, beaches, and numerous sacred cultural sites.

- On Tuesday, May 16, 2017, The Department of the Navy entered into an agreement with the Guam Power Authority to to lease 164 acres of condemned property to build solar energy farms.

- The government of Guam already buys water from the Navy, which is drawn from a reservoir on land once belonging to the people of Guam-- forcing the people of Guam to pay for access and use of resources that were stolen from them.