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Modify the Halo 4 CSR to include onscreen skill ranks

To start, as most of us know 343 is planning to implement a new ranking system called the CSR (Competitive Skill Rank) for certain playlists, which is only visible through Halo Waypoint. I along with thousands of others feel that this is entirely unacceptable, Its a step in the right direction but its not going to be enough. Ranks need to be visible, trust me I've heard both sides of the argument.

Please, lets try to get them to modify their decision to include "ONSCREEN" skill ranking for the majority of online playlists, also realizing that unranked playlists are completely necessary. I do personally feel that this is one of the the main issues that holds Halo 4 back, however I realize its not the only one.

I created this petition because I believe Halo 4 needs help, and I feel 343 is about to make a big mistake. If you are a competitive Halo player, or a casual player, this affects you. Please if you agree with my cause Show this to as many people as you can.

this is all i ever hear most halo players myself included talking about, I believe everyone would appreciate and benefit from an "ONSCREEN" ranking system that shows your skill rank compared to other players without question, such as the previous Halo editions, and even other competitive online games such as Starcraft II, Dota2, League of Legends, etc. This functional and superior system is the staple of any competitive online community. It also adds much playability to the game. Games that are random and unranked give players no reason not to quit or take seriously; and think of the alternative.

Ranked playlists give the game a fun and exciting feel which spurs more competition and gives the game infinite playability (and that is no exaggeration).

In ranked playlists every single game "matters," and by letting the players rank up "ONSCREEN" when they win [[[ (not just by accumulation of points for playing mass amounts of games - such as the current system) ]]] you easily create a gratifying aesthetically pleasing reward system which makes your game more fun, and still allows players to be placed in the correct "VISIBLE" skill rank.

This system alone would allow players of all skill levels to sharpen their skills against their equally ranked counterparts and also at the same time give them more motivation to win.the ranking system that i suggest will improve the skill of the community as a whole; it gives people something to strive for, and something to show their friends.

I understand that "Boosters" and cheaters can supposedly ruin systems like this but cant it at least be tolerated? They seem to be no more than an eyesore and will get smashed whenever they choose to play legitimate games, especially if ranks reset every season. Why punish everyone for the mistakes of so few? I know There are a plethora of other anti cheating counter measures that could be implemented, the current strategy to make ranks only visible through Waypoint just seems like a cop out. Why not contend with the cheaters and beat them? Hiding the ranks on a website is just dodging the issue.

Most people would say halo is on the verge of dying without something like this, and for the majority of the halo community, this is our passion we want it to be succesful and flourish. Think about it, you and your friends being able to see skill rank that you earned "ONSCREEN" without having to enter someone's name in a search bar and stare at a computer screen. [We're console gamers, we don't want to have switch back and forth.]

Real ranked competitive playlists are what everyone has been waiting for since "Halo Reach". This can do absolutely nothing to hurt the game , because there will be unranked alternatives. The current system is tolerable, and again i know unranked play is actually a necessity for any online game, but it cannot be the sole option! If what we request is implemented I believe this game could be so much more - really one of the best Halo titles to date.

If you are a Halo fan of any kind, casual competitive or otherwise, please help the community and sign this petition to save Halo 4 by asking 343 to add "ONSCREEN" skill ranks for the majority of matchmaking playlists. All we're wanting is more fun for everyone. Please, if our request is granted hopefully it can set a standard for the ranking system of any Halo sequel to come. To clarify, I respect 343 and I am pleading with them to please bring halo back.

Thank you.

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