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Oct 29, 2016 — Hello everybody! Thank you for all your support in the past few days. Every signature goes miles to show your love and support. I've never seen the Evolve community so close and united! Please continue to spread the word so we can get this movement going strong. We're thinking of using #saveevolve in social media to help get the word around.

We're even starting to see media coverage thanks to the journalists at PC invasion:

As an update, I thought it would be good to go into the details of the content that was being planned/developed when the cutoff happened. The information is rather scattered, so I wanted to put it in one place.


1. Lazarus Adaptation - The lazarus device was reformatted to be a ranged revive. With the increased safety and distance, the trade off is that revived hunters slowly bleed their health out. They can heal this off by hitting targets placed on the monster by Lazarus's sniper.

2. Hellfire Hyde - Part of the Deepest Dark story, as "The Shrouded Sociopath". Hyde is mutating under the influence of Kala, and is becoming monstrous himself Primary weapon is a chem sprayer that sends out gas clouds. Secondary weapon is an incendiary minigun that ignites the gas clouds and creates huge explosions. The grenade has been replaced with Daisy (taking care of her after Maggie's death). Daisy has a steel prosthetic jaw that she uses to aggressively bite and latch onto the monster.

3. Captain Bucket - A class shifted trapper in the theme of Quantum Caira and Electro Griffin. He would be able to deploy posts to form electrified fences that take away the monster's stamina, as well as send out deployables that would create miniature domes around the monster. The monster could break out by attacking the deployable.

4. EM-Bucket - An EMET adaptation where Bucket has been installed in his chassis. Takes place during the Cataclysm plot. He would have deployables that acted as medgun turrets that would also spread his heal burst.

5. War Bucket - An assault variant of Lennox's armor with bucket installed. Takes place during the Extinction Plot (with paladin parnell). He carries a massive sword crafted from one of the wings of the Laurie-Anne. By landing consecutive hits, he can refresh his jetpack and fly indefinitely if he can keep the combo going.

6. Jack Adaptation - In early development. Class shifted to support. Jack's primary ability would be to link two team members together in such a way that they share damage (ie, if link one takes a hit, they take half damage, but their partner takes the damage mitigated). Both of the primary weapons of the linked teammates would charge Jack's shield burst as they did damage. Jack's secondary weapon would be able to lift rocks to block monster abilities.

7. Sunny Adaptation - In very early development. She would be wearing a mech suit like Lennox and take part in the Extinction plotline with Paladin Parnell and War Bucket.

8. Torvald Adaptation - In concept phase. Likely would be in the same plotline as Electro Griffin and Quantum Caira.

9. Crow Adaptation - In early development. Details unknown, but planned for after the above adaptations were complete.

10. Slim Adaptation - In early development. Details unknown, but planned for after the above adaptations were complete.


1. Kala - Kala class shifts to become a monster. Also considered to be renamed "Kali" or "Kalea". With all the monster DNA she's injected into herself, she has access to powers of all known monsters. She would play like The Invoker from DOTA2. She'd have three activated abilities that could be comboed in sets of three to call on all manner of abilities. For example, if you hit, 1-1-3 you get flame breath, 2-3-2 you get rockwall, etc. Naturally, all of these would be tuned to be slightly different to compliment her gameplay. She would be part of the Deepest Dark story.

2. Phantom Wraith - This is the wraith in the wraith trap that kills many of the hunters at the beginning of the Cataclysm plot. Its kit would be all about controlling hunter positioning. For example, it's abduction would function more as a grapple, much like Reinhardt's charge in Overwatch.

3. Gorgon Adaptation - In concept phase.


1. Armory - reworked from legacy. A desert map that has a strong shift in elevation from northeast to southwest. Has a choke point in the center.

2. Aviary - reworked from legacy. A snow map with a biodome. Inside the biodome is a lush jungle environment. The dome is surrounded by one of the harshest snowy environments in the game. There are a finite number of ways in and out of the dome that are critical for cutting off the other team.

3. Barracks - reworked from legacy. A dark acid biome map. It has a landing pad in its center that bisects the map. To the east are lowlands with acid lakes, and to the west is a winding cave system.

4. Broken Hill Foundry - An urban desert map. This map is the smallest of any, and takes place within a colonial ghost town. Instead of large natural environments, everything is buildings and colonial structures. Features industrial areas, living quarters, and "slag town" where colonists go to unwind. This map also features Bohrium Boxes that the monster can eat.

5. Broken Hill Mine - reworked from legacy. a sprawling mining facility beneath Broken Hill Foundry. It starts in a central arena that branches out into three areas. The first is an open outdoor work area with large slabs of stone and construction vehicles. The second is a beautiful natural cave system that features all manner of dangerous wildlife. The third area is an industrial mine full of heavy machinery and man made mine structures. This map also features Bohrium boxes.

6. Fusion Plant - reworked from legacy. The poster map for Evolve. A dark forest biome featuring a large power facility and a dense moody jungle full of bioluminescent plants. These are separated by a canyon where deadly tyrants lay in wait. The jungle features the wreckage of a crashed starship in its far edge.

7. Medlab - reworked from legacy. a snow biome map that transitions to forest as you move from west to east. There is a power facility in the center of the map, marking this biome change.

8. Refueling Tower - reworked from legacy. A dark and dense jungle. To the north you will find a scarpyard and a cave system with waterfalls. as you move south, the jungle becomes denser and more wild. At the bottom of the map, all the rivers converge into a sort of bayou. The central facility holds a caged stage one goliath. There are small cabins dotted around the jungle as well.

9. Rendering Plant - reworked from legacy. An acid biome map. A farming facility for canyon striders. This map features lots of tall grass and acid lakes. Most areas are fairly open, with large pillars to divide the sections of the map.

Now for maps with specific modes attached:

10. New Calico - reworked from legacy. This is the forest Defense mode map. It features three lengths of map where hunters must defend generators from waves of monsters. The first stretch is a rainforest. The second stretch is the outskirts of the town New Calico. The final stretch is the biggest city on the Shear colony, New Calico itself with the hunter's evacuation ship waiting to depart.

11. Colonial Water and Power - reworked from legacy. This is the acid biome Defense mode map. It features three lengths of map where hunters must defend generators from waves of monsters. The first stretch is the outskirts of the power and water facility. The second stretch is the urban sector of the facility. The final stretch is the industrial sector of the facility with the hunter's evacuation ship waiting to depart.

12. Salvaron Industries - reworked from legacy. This is the desert Defense mode map. It features three lengths of map where hunters must defend generators from waves of monsters. The first stretch is an open and arid desert. The second stretch is the front gates of the Salvaron station. The final stretch is Salveron proper with the hunter's evacuation ship waiting to depart.

13. King's Fort - reworked from legacy. This is the snow Defense mode map. It features three lengths of map where hunters must defend generators from waves of monsters. The first stretch is an icy tundra with the front gates of the fortress. The second stretch is a dense snowy forest around the inner wall's fortifications. The final stretch is the heart of the fortress with the hunter's evacuation ship waiting to depart.

Murder Pits – Made for arena mode. Five maps in one. Each is a unique arena with special circumstances to make fights more interesting. One arena features several cages with captive and unique wildlife that gets released at timed intervals of the fight. The second arena is a an execution site, with lots of environmental hazards and swinging blades and saws. The third is a small roundabout map with a tyrant pit in the center. The fourth is a small rectangular building with tons of verticality. The fifth arena is a waste facility with a king of the hill layout and acid pools around the extremities.


1. Goliath would have a passive called “Berserk”. It would give it a stacking cooldown reduction buff that would stay in play as long as goliath was dealing or receiving damage.

2. Meteor Goliath would have a passive afterburn on all its abilities that leaves burn zones in its wake. If a hunter enters a burn zone, they catch flame.
3. Kraken had a passive in the works, but details were not publically given.

4. Elder Kraken had a passive in the works, but details were not publically given.

5. Gorgon had a passive in the works, but details were not publically given.

6. Kraken was to be refactored to make it’s abilities more cohesive. Focus was on banshee mines and aftershock.


1. 2v8 mode was in the works. It is unclear if this was intended to be a mode or a map variant. As the name suggests, it would be 2 monsters vs 8 hunters, with 2 of each class.

2. Deepest Dark was being refined to be a sort of co-op campaign mode with liner events and narrative. Cataclysm was undergoing a similar rework. This is all likely to flesh out the post evacuation storyline.

3. Old modes from legacy were discussed for reintroduction. This includes Nest mode (hunters destroy monster eggs, while the monster defends them. Monster can hatch an egg and fight with a minion level monster), Rescue Mode (downed colonists are scattered across the map. The hunters must race the monster to save them before the monster kills them), defend mode (a moba style mode where hunters fought waves of minion monsters lead by an alpha monster, trying to prevent the destruction of three lines of generators leading to the evacuation ship), and Evacuation mode (a pseudo story mode with five matches featuring map effects that are based on the outcome of previous matches).


1. Console release is and was important to Turtle Rock Studios and their fanbase. A console port was being prepared even though it never got the greenlight from 2K. More than 2/3rds of their playerbase is on console, and these people deserve the stage 2 update. It would also be a daring new venture as one of the first console based AAA titles.

2. The matchmaking system was being revamped to be more responsive and fair for players looking for a game. Specific details were not revealed.

3. All content would be made the same in all regions – golden keys would no longer be limited to the USA.

4. Vastly improved UI for both menus, pregame screens, and postgame screens.

As stated before, Turtle Rock Studios as expressed a desire to continue working on this game. Their passion for gaming and gamers is intense, and there is no doubt they could complete Evolve into something even more amazing given the chance.

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