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We the fans petition the NFL owners and players to reach a compromise in the form of a new Collective Bargaining agreement by the start of the 2011-2012 season.  In the even that a new collective bargaining agreement is not reached and games are missed, we the fans who have signed below will assert our right to protest by boycotting the NFL for a period of 12 months.  During this period of time, we will not watch or attend any NFL games, buy any NFL licensed merchandise, or contribute to the revenue of any company/organization directly tied monetarily to the NFL.  

We do not appreciate the lack of attention given to the fans of your business/businesses, nor that you are holding 9 billion dollars of the US economy ransom as a way to increase profits for yourselves at the expense of other hard working Americans.  Your careless attitude towards the individuals that support your business warrant a strong reaction that will negatively impact your financial results.  


Letter to
NFL Owners
Roger Goodell
NFL Players
We the fans demand that a resolution to the labor problems in the NFL be reached before the start of the 2011-2012 season.

The NFL is about much more than just the owners and players. There are thousands of people that depend on the NFL to enhance their lives. These are the people that allow NFL owners and players to make the exorbitant amount of money that they do. These negotiations have not taken into account the supporters of the NFL in any way, and so we feel that action on our part is required. If games are missed next season, there will be lasting consequences in the form of a boycott by the fans.

Again, all that we ask is that a resolution is found by the start of next season, and that the season will continue as normal.


NFL Fans

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