石木ダム建設のために 13世帯60人が暮らしている土地を強制収用しないでください! Please do not conduct a forced expropriation of the land where 13 households and 60 residents reside for the construction of the Ishiki Dam!


石木ダム建設のために 13世帯60人が暮らしている土地を強制収用しないでください! Please do not conduct a forced expropriation of the land where 13 households and 60 residents reside for the construction of the Ishiki Dam!


発信者:石木川まもり隊 宛先:長崎県知事 中村法道 様 佐世保市長 朝長則男 様


 “Ishiki Dam” is the dam which both Nagasaki Prefecture and Sasebo City have been trying to forcefully construct in Kawatana-cho、Higashi Sonogi-gun, Nagasaki Prefecture.



As is usually the case, it has been proven that there is no need for this dam from both objectives of securing municipal water and flood control.




However, the prefecture and city are not able to retract themselves from the plans to build this dam and are moving forth to take away the property of the residents, who are living on this rich, beautiful land with the hopes “to keep living in our birth place while protecting the natural environment”.



We must not allow such violent acts to be carried out!



A new era where nobody suffers and where people work to build a sustainable society together with nature has already begun.



We sincerely ask for your cooperation by signing this petition in order to have the construction of this unnecessary dam revoked and to put a stop to the execution of the forced expropriation!





     【  石木ダム建設のための強制収用に反対してください!】

Please object to the forced expropriation being planned for the construction of the Ishiki Dam!



Koubaru, Higashi Sonogi-gun, Nagasaki prefecture



Half a century has passed since the subject of building the Ishiki Dam on the Ishiki River, which is a tributary of the second grade Kawatana River that runs through this district.




Initially, the plan for this dam was to operate it as a “water reservoir” for the Hario Industrial Park built in Hario, Sasebo City.  The recruitment of companies to this industrial park did not proceed well, and after over a decade, the massive, developed land became a theme park known today as the “Huis Ten Bosch”.



However, both Nagasaki prefecture and Sasebo city remained desperate to build this dam through any means available.  They thus changed the objective of building this dam to “a way to solve the chronic water shortage of Sasebo city” as well as “for flood control of the Kawatana River” and are trying to push forth the construction as a multi-purpose dam.



On May 8th of 2014, the Japan Policy Council established by interested scholars and industrial business persons announced a shocking figure, estimating that 896 municipalities throughout Japan will cease to exist by the year 2040.


In addition, according to the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, the population of Sasebo City in 2035 is estimated to be approximately 201,000 which is 43,000 less than the current population of the city.




Sasebo city water authority announced that water consumption by Sasebo city residents is around 70,000 tons. The water consumption in July this year was an average of 71,173 tons per day. Although the summer was relatively mild, the water use was just over 70,000 tons during the peak of summer.



Sasebo City has 77,000 tons worth of stable water source and rights to take another 28,500 tons worth of water from rivers and springs. This means that a total of 105,500 tons of water resource exists.




The population is on the decrease and we have ample water resource.  Do we then really need an additional 40,000 ton scale dam which requires a colossal amount of tax money?



On July 11, 2014, the Governor of Nagasaki, Mayor of Sasebo and Mayor of Kawatana-cho, who are the heads of the governmental offices involved with the Ishiki Dam, convened for the first time to visit the Koubaru Community Center and held a briefing session for the landowners residing in the proposed dam site.



What came to surface at the meeting was that once the “Kawatana River repair work” is completed, the same magnitude of floods that had occurred in the past in Kawatana-cho will be manageable and that floods can be prevented. There is absolutely no need for building the Ishiki dam from a flood control purpose as well.




Nagasaki Prefecture has restarted the incidental road construction that was suspended 4 years ago. This road will lead to building of the dam itself.




The residents and supporters against the building of the dam continued to conduct a sit-in protest in front of the main gate used to enter the construction site, from when the construction work commenced on July 30th.  However, Nagasaki prefecture filed for a temporary injunction to Nagasaki Court’s Sasebo branch against 23 people, claiming that they were an obstruction to traffic.  This is none other than a Slaap Suit in which a stronger party uses intimidation against the weaker party.  Nagasaki prefecture and Sasebo city, both business owners/proponents of the dam are ready to go to any extent to  construct this dam.



Currently, there are 13 households and 60 residents who continue to live in Koubaru,  the proposed dam site, with the sincere hopes to “keep living in our birthplace while protecting nature.”



On September 6th last year, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s Kyushu Regional Developmental Bureau put out a public notification that they had authorized the business of constructing the Ishiki Dam



In addition, the prefectural governor of Nagasaki applied for an “expropriation determination” which will enable them to forcefully take away the land needed for the dam construction on September 5th of this year.



If we proceed as so, the beautiful land of Koubaru where 13 households and 60 residents reside, will most likely be taken away through forced expropriation. In all past dam business history, there has not been a single case of land for building the dam being acquired through “forced expropriation”. 



We simply must not allow such an unethical act by the administration to be carried out.



We ask for your cooperation in signing the petition to have the dam construction revoked and to put a stop to the forced expropriation.



長崎県知事 中村法道 様

佐世保市長 朝長則男 様


Attention to


Mr. Houdo Nakamura, Governor of Nagasaki Prefecture

Mr. Norio Tomonaga, Mayor of Sasebo City



13世帯60人が暮らしている土地を 強制収用しないでください!

Please do not conduct a forced expropriation of the land where 13 households and 60 residents reside for the construction of the Ishiki Dam!



On September 5th, Nagasaki prefecture and Sasebo city took the step to file for a determination on forceful expropriation of the land owned by the residents against the construction.  This current application targets 5,000m²of agricultural land, however, there are 13 households and 60 residents in the remaining 145,000㎡still living there.  Is this a dam that is so necessary even if it entails destroying the lives of these residents?



The main objective for the Ishiki Dam has been purported to be that it will be a solution to the water shortage amongst the Sasebo citizens, however, this water shortage is a thing of the past and after the major drought of 1994~1995, the water supply has never been suspended.  There is ample water due to the decrease in the demand for water with the declining population and diffusion of water saving devices.



Flood prevention measure has been said to be the other objective for the Ishiki Dam, however, it has been proven that once the river channel repair work is complete, a flood is preventable even without the Ishiki Dam.



Ishiki River, with its clear waters, is a habitat for many endangered species such as the  Yamato Cobitis and other fresh water fish. You can also witness the Genji Fireflies dancing wildly during the summer. The construction of a dam here will mean robbing these species of their habitat and the destruction of the eco-system.  The water quality of the Ishiki River will deteriorate and there is much concern on the impact it will have on main stream of Kawatana River and Omura Bay as well.



Please do not proceed with the forced expropriation of the lands owned by the Koubaru residents, all for the construction of an unnecessary dam that is bound by outdated plans.



We sincerely request from our hearts for the decisive judgment from the governor of Nagasaki prefecture and the mayor of Sasebo.


長崎県知事 中村法道 様 佐世保市長 朝長則男 様

Attention to:

Mr. Houdo Nakamura, Governor of Nagasaki Prefecture

Mr. Norio Tomonaga, Mayor of Sasebo City


石木ダム建設のために 13世帯60人が暮らしている土地を強制収用しないでください

Please do not conduct a forced expropriation of the land where 13 households and 60 residents reside, for the construction of the Ishiki Dam.