Petition to Preserve Our Ocean for The Future

Petition to Preserve Our Ocean for The Future

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The rich nature remaining in Yomitan Village is one of the major attractions of the villagers and it is believed to be one of the reasons why the number of residents continues to increase as the most populous village in Japan. However, the ongoing Toguchi beach resort hotel project may have a negative impact on the valuable natural coastline and damage the living environment of the residents. Therefore, Yomitan Village needs to shift from development that is environmentally consuming to sustainable development aiming to preserve the environment. This petition is made to ask the Mayor of Yomitan Village for reconsidering the resort hotel development project not only for those of us who live in the present but also for our children who will live in the future,

As the SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals) represents, we are now in an era where development is being carried out from the perspective of protecting the environment. However, the Toguchi beach resort hotel project is going against this trend.

Possible future impacts of such development include the negative impacts on the marine ecosystem from coastal development, such as the bleaching of coral reefs caused by chemicals contained in sunscreen due to the increased number of people swimming in the sea, and the light pollution affecting on sea turtle behavior and hatchings.  In particular, coral reefs occupy only 0.17% of the ocean surface, and Okinawa is one of the most valuable areas in the world. This is an important fact to emphasize how serious this matter is. In addition to the impact on the environment, Toguchi beach is a shared area for recreation, and leisure to the local islanders. There are concerns that it will be taken away due to over-tourism caused by the resort hotel. Furthermore, in the land-use structure of Yomitan Village, there are plans to build more resort hotels along the coast of the village by 2030, and the rich natural sea that has become our spiritual home will not necessarily remain as a matter of course. Therefore, in order to preserve the present ocean for the future, we request the following:

1.   Regarding the Toguchi beach resort hotel project, the village mayor shall exercise “読谷村土地開発行為の適正化に関する条例” (the Ordinance on Appropriate Land Development Activities in Yomitan Village) and “読谷村の自治基本条例第17条” (The Article 17 of The Basic Self-Governance Ordinance of Yomitan Village).

2.   As a problem not only for landowners and local residents but also for the entire village of Yomitan, we would like the village to publicize land development plans. (i.e., Making it mandatory to provide a place where residents can express their opinions etc.)

3. Shifting the village slogan from “The most populous village in Japan” to “The most nature-rich and eco-friendly village in Japan” (Declaring a "Village that Promotes Environmental Preservation for the Future” that includes the preservation of the natural coast for sea turtles to safely return and to lay eggs, the strict observance of the light pollution control guidelines, promoting coral-friendly sunscreens etc.)


1,467 人が賛同しました。もう少しで 1,500 人に到達します!