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  • 死んでも外国籍の人に行政支援したくないってか、何のために普段税金払ってるんだ、二度と外国人労働者受け入れとか言うな
  • 政府はリーマン・ショックへの対応策として住民基本台帳に記載された外国人にも定額給付金を支給した
  • 在日外国人・外国人労働者だって日本で働いているし生活はあるし税金は納めてます
  • (外国人は)年金も税金も保険も免除されてると思ってんじゃないですか













発起人 @chocolat_psyder



We call for Diet member Onoda Kimi to immediately resign due to her discriminatory remarks & behavior

We urgently call for the resignation of LDP House of Councillors Member Onoda Kimi from her position in the National Diet of Japan.

How she has promoted discrimination as a Diet member:

On March 30th, she stated that, "As part of efforts made by the coronavirus-response task force, I have requested urgent cash handouts from the government." Following, she then stated, "There are also foreigners (gaikokujin) with residence cards who are part of the My Number system, so problems would arise if we distribute cash handouts to anyone who has 'My Number.'"

▼Click here for the discriminatory tweet!

This is clearly a human rights violation based on xenophobia that excludes foreigners from the safety net. 

Despite a flood of criticism, her only response is to block people:

Of course, there has been a flood of criticism, but Onoda has said/done absolutely nothing in response except to block any users on Twitter who criticize her. Her response is entirely lacking in sincerity, showing no desire to reflect upon her discriminatory remarks.

This is a small selection of comments from Twitter concerning her statements:

  • Why even bother to pay taxes if you'd rather die than let foreigners have any assistance from the government! You better never argue again for Japan to accept any foreign workers.
  • During the financial crisis of the "Lehman shock," the government provided handouts to foreigners with residence cards.
  • Foreigners--foreign workers--are also living and working in Japan while paying taxes.
  • Do you think foreigners are somehow exempted from pension payments, taxes, and health insurance payments?!

As you can see, she has no grasp of what most people can understand with just a bit of common sense, and she has taken an obstinate stance based on her own prejudice and discriminatory beliefs.

Onoda has no understanding of the purpose of efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus

What makes things even worse is that she has completely failed to understand the purpose of these cash handouts. Cash handouts are necessary because the economy is forced to grind to a halt, and all manner of businesses/industries are forced to close and suspend their work. In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, people need to stop working, and thus cash handouts are absolutely necessary.

If foreigners are not provided with any compensation under this policy, there will still be large numbers of foreign workers out in the streets, which misses the point of trying to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. In short, it's outrageously inefficient & absurd for a Diet member in charge of dealing with the current political situation to have this kind of judgment.

Moreover, it's easy to imagine that society will respond with severe disapproval directed towards foreign workers stuck in this situation. 

"It's not our problem if foreigners suffer from financial distress"

 Someone who holds this kind of belief should not be allowed to have a say in policy as a Diet member.

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This problem is NOT just one for foreigners in Japan.

This is a systemic problem that Japanese society needs to deal with.
In short, this is an issue that Japan--and Japanese people--need to face!! As a Japanese person who is not suffering from discrimination in this case, YOU are the one who needs to take action.

Instead of just signing & forgetting about this petition, think of this issue as one that ALL Japanese people need to be aware of. Please tell other people about it!!

Petition starter: @chocolat_psyder
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