制服を選択制に変える!For a school without gendered uniforms

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  1. 本校の保健の授業課程に性自認(ジェンダー)や性的指向など、LGBTQ+に関する教育を実施すること。
  2. 制服の選択制を導入することについて学園規模の調査を行うこと。
  3. 制服の選択制の導入について、LGBTQ+の生徒代表者を含むPTA会議を開催すること。
  4. 性的区別のない制服の可能性において、伊勢丹と協議をすること。



At our school, uniforms are based upon the gender binary that is not supportive of students who are sexual minorities or identify themselves as LGBTQ+. There are students who do not feel comfortable with their assigned gender expectations, which is why obliging female students to wear skirts and male students to wear trousers may prevent them from expressing their true identities.

In recent years, awareness over LGBTQ+ rights has been rapidly increasing in Japan. In 2015, MEXT published a report called "Guideline for Students with Gender Identity Disorder or Varied Sexual Orientation/Gender Identification" calling out for schools to consider the rights of gender dysphoric students to wear what they’re comfortable in. The very next year, Human Rights Watch released a report called, “The Nail That Sticks Out Gets Hammered Down”, which explored the struggles LGBTQ+ students experience within a Japanese school environment. Asahi Newspaper has also introduced an all girls’ school that has implemented a selection system to wear skirts or trousers, while presenting how a school in Aichi held a school-wide discussion over this uniform policy. This school actually is a MEXT designated human rights education school, which follows the guidelines and curricula presented by this white paper.

Our mission is for our school to reconsider gendered uniform regulations, so that trousers, skirts, neckties, and ribbons will be available wear for all students, and hairstyle choices will be non gendered.

Our school’s uniform regulations are founded upon the premise that all students must “straighten their appearance as well as take actions that holds a sense of cleanliness”. However, offering students with more options than “skirts or trousers” or “ribbons or ties” is not a way for students to be foolish, but a basic human right for all students to be considered, as schools should not be a place to feel restricted.

This petition requests for our school to reconsider these regulations in mind of transgender and sexual minority rights, through actions including:

  1. Implementing education on gender identity, sexual orientation, and other LGBTQ+ matters in the health class curriculum.
  2. Conducting a school-wide survey regarding a selection system for uniforms.
  3. Organizing a PTA meeting with LGBTQ+ student representatives about this new uniform policy.
  4. Consulting Isetan about the possibility of all-inclusive uniforms.

We ask for your cooperation in creating a more accepting and open environment for all students.