Petitioning 兵庫県知事  Governor of Hyogo Pref. 井戸敏三 Toshizo Ido

井戸敏三兵庫県知事にツキノワグマ狩猟再開の中止を求めます! Oppose to the resumption of black bear hunting!









Hyogo Pref. has decided to lift a ban on black bear hunting this autumn. The decision has been made based on the state government’s view that a stable black bear population is 800 in each region; the population of black bears is now estimated to be about 940 in Hyogo. However, the resumption of black bear hunting would cause hunters from other prefectures to come into Hyogo and let them enjoy “shooting and killing,” which will hopefully downsize the number of black bears in the area. This decision is inhumane, and wrong from an educational perspective and an ecological perspective.

The following explains why it is so.

The number the state government believes is a stable population, 800, is a value led on the premise that there is still natural habitats for black bears left. There are no such places in Hyogo due to the failure of the Postwar National Forest Policy. The black bears have no places to get food, to escape or hide themselves.


The Hyogo’s estimated population, 940, is calculated based on the number of sightings and captures by a researcher hired by the prefecture. The calculation was done without the consideration that the bears had changed habitat from remote mountains to where humans live. Another researcher of statistics has pointed out the flaws of the calculation and mentioned the number 940 is overestimated.


To deal with the bears who infest in residential areas, the temptations should be removed and the bears should be frightened off. If these do not work, we may have to capture the repeatedly infesting bear and put him down as a last resort. Along with deterrent measures, remote mountains should be restored in the long run, which would be the ultimate solution.

 We submitted the signatures in the end of Sept. and Oct. But we continue to gather signatures for this petition.


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  • 兵庫県知事  Governor of Hyogo Pref.
    井戸敏三 Toshizo Ido

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