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トロント市南京記念日宣言の撤回を求めます Rob Ford,Mayor of Toronto:Rescind the Dec 13,2012 proclamation about Nanking


Request to Rescind the Proclamation by Toronto City Council Regarding the Anniversary of the Nanking Incident

トロント市は、2012年12月13日を南京75周年追悼記念日とする宣言を出しました。市役所に展示されたTORONTO ALPHA提供の南京の写真は全て信頼に値しないはずです。トロント市が第三国のプロパガンダに騙されたことは明白です。
The Toronto City Council issued a proclamation on December 13, 2012 regarding the 75th anniversary of the Nanking incident. However the photos about Nanking provided by Toronto Alpha and displayed at Toronto City Hall are not trustworthy.  It is clear that Toronto City Council has been deceived by propaganda from third countries.
当時、日本軍には日本から150人の新聞記者やカメラマンが同行し、南京大 虐殺はなかった証拠となる数多くの写真、記事、動画がありま す。しかし、極東国際軍事裁判ではそれらは証拠として受け入れられませんでした。極東軍事裁判は戦勝国の一方的な裁判だったのです。
At the time of the Nanking incident, 150 journalists, cameramen and others from Japan entered Nanking with the Japanese army so there are many photos, articles and movies providing evidence that there was no ‘Nanking Massacre’. However the International Military Tribunal for the Far East (‘Tokyo War Tribunal’) could not accept those as evidence. The Tribunal was a one-sided court of the victorious countries.
南京の市民が避難するために作られた、安全区がありました。そのフィルムのURLが下に貼ってあります。占領した日本軍がここに入ったのは合法です。 中国軍は軍服を脱いで多くの武器を備え 、潜伏していたので、日本軍は中国兵を合法的に掃蕩しました。“南京大虐殺説“は、日本軍が ここに映っている市民たちを虐殺、強姦、強奪の限りを尽くしたという虚構です。
There was a Refugee Zone which had been created for fleeing Nanking citizens. There is a link to a movie taken of the zone below.  It was legal for the Japanese army as an occupier to enter it. Members of the Chinese army shed their uniforms, hid and illegally stored arms in the zone so it was legal for the Japanese army to mop up the Chinese soldiers. The ‘Nanking Massacre’ where the Japanese army is said to have butchered and raped the citizens appearing in the film is a myth.
There is also the testimony in the 2007 conference commemorating the 70th anniversary of the fall of Nanking by former Japanese soldiers who were present at the invasion and battle of Nanking,
トロント市が、ロシアによるアフガニスタン侵攻や中国によるチベットやウイグルへの 侵略、韓国のライダイハン問題を取り上げず、虚構の南京大虐殺を取り上げたのは、中国からの移民の多さ、中国系市議たちの働きによるもので、必ずしも全トロント市民の民意の反映とは言いがたいと思います。
Toronto City Council has not dealt with the subject of the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, the Chinese aggression against Tibetans or Uighurs or Korean soldiers’ rape of Vietnam women during the Vietnam War. That Toronto City Council has commented on the fictional Rape of Nanking is a result of action by Toronto City Councillors of Chinese extraction and the large settlement of Chinese immigrants into Toronto. We don’t believe that the proclamation reflects the opinion of all Torontonians.
移民が多い国出身者は市議に当選し易くなります。そしてトロ ント市において、出身国のための政治をする危険性があります。これはトロント市にとって良くないと危惧します。
It is easy to elect as City Councillors people from countries where there has been a lot of immigration. However that raises the danger of importing politics from those countries into Toronto. We fear that those would not be good for the City of Toronto.
The proclamation by Toronto City Hall about the 75th Anniversary of the Nanking Incident has also become the subject of questions in the Japanese National Diet.
We demand that Toronto City Council take the following two actions:
1. Rescission of the Toronto City Council’s proclamation of December 13, 2012 regarding the 75th Anniversary of the Nanking Incident.
2. In future have Toronto City Council ignore demands regarding third countries.


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