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ストラスフィールド慰安婦像に反対します! We protest against "Comfort Women" statue in Strathfield!













Mayor and Councillors of Strathfield,

We learn the news that Chinese and Korean communities in Australia will propose a plan to put up “Comfort Women Statue” to the City Councils of Strathfield.

The word “Comfort women” indicates prostitutes at the war in a real term but it is a Japanese traditional periphrastic gentle appellation for prostitutes at the war, respecting the human rights of prostitutes.

We protest against "Comfort Women" statue in Strathfield.

We strongly ask you to turn down their proposal for the following reasons:

1. The comfort women (prostitutes at the war) issue is very controversial. Both sides have not come to agreement. So, it is not considered appropriate for the City to side with the Proposer.

2. It is clear that Chinese and Korean interests have been using this matter for anti-Japan propaganda on the pretext of “human rights”. This is entirely so unhealthy that conflicts, such as hate crime and children bullying may be caused. Actually, Japanese kids were reportedly bullied in the city of Glendale, California, USA where the statue was installed last year.

3. There are many human right issues, present and past, in the world. It is not fair to single out and blame only Japan.

4. Japan is a most peaceful nation in the world, and recognized and respected as such. Korea and China are only major Asian nations that show animosity against Japan. Recent Pew Research shows that 80% polled in major Asian countries show friendliness toward Japan.

5. Any local government should not be involved in international affairs. Instead, it should work on the promotion of happiness, prosperity, progress and harmony of the citizens. The statue will definitely counteract such efforts.

May we therefore ask for your prudent wise judgment and fair decision to be against the proposal.
We trust that such a decision is by all means good for City of Strathfield and its citizens.


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