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Toshiko Hasumi uploaded new illustration insulting people who are naturalized as a Japanese citizen(who changed their nation to Japan). It means she started new discrimination. I think this is Racism to all Japanese who came from foreign country.


"advantage in business, immigration check is easy, voyages without visa, everyone gets careless to Japanese, naturalized Japanese can stand as a candidate of national election, I can change Japan from within and contribute to my mother country ―― I'm not gonna devote to Japan, but this is why I'm naturalized Japan."


About this illustration that Toshiko Hasumi painted, many people feel irritated.

それとは別に、これをめぐるFacebook Japanの対応も非常にひどいものです。多くの人がレイシズムであるとして報告しているのにもかかわらず「問題がない」と言って逃げ続けています。この現状を変えるためにはキャンペーンをするしかないという結論にいたりました。

On the other hand, we're getting very raw deals from Facebook Japan. Though many people are reporting this illustration as racism, Facebook Japan is avoiding this problem while saying "No Problem." I've concluded that I must start this campaign to change this current situation.


For reference, I translate the text.

「安全に暮らしたい。清潔な暮らしを送りたい。美味しいものが食べたい。自由に遊びに行きたい。おしゃれがしたい。贅沢がしたい。何の苦労もなく、生きたいように生きていきたい。 — 他人の金で。そうだ、難民しよう!」

"I want to live a safe and clean life, have a gourmet meal, go out freely, wear pretty things and luxuriate. I want to live my life the way I want without a care in the world — all at the expense of someone else. I have an idea. Why don’t I become a refugee?"



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