Прокуратура г. Барнаула:НАКАЖИТЕ ЖИВОДЕРОВ ПОДЖЕГШИХ КОТА/A cat was brutally tortured and murdered!

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     Cat killers MUST be punished! Read English version below!

15.08.2013 г. трое парней по имени Михаил, Антон и Александр около 5 часов утра во дворе дома, расположенного по адресу: г. Барнаул, ул. Силикатная, 9 жестоко сожгли живого кота по кличке Василий, который впоследствии скончался от полученных ожогов.

       В сожжении кота заживо принимали активное участие трое вышеназванных лиц, фамилии двоих из которых нам на настоящий момент не известны. Все они совершали активные действия, направленные на приготовление к преступлению (подыскивали горючее, разливали его в банку, накрывали животное корзиной, выносили на улицу), а также совершали поджог кота и удерживали его,  в том числе в процессе сожжения, с целью причинения наибольшего вреда животному, продления его страдании, что напрямую свидетельствует о совершении преступления с особой жестокостью, садистскими методами.

       Указанные действия прямо свидетельствуют о том, что все трое заранее договорились о совершении преступления, распределили роли и выполнили объективную сторону состава преступления, действуя группой лиц по предварительному сговору.

О согласованности действий вышеназванных лиц и совершении им преступления группой лиц по предварительному сговору свидетельствуют объяснения, данные в ходе проверки сообщения о преступлении от свидетеля. Однако им не дана надлежащая правовая оценка и дело возбуждено не по ч. 2 (группа лиц или организованная группа), а по ч. 1 ст. 245 УК РФ

Фото изувеченного кота:  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151631757411219.1073741825.602556218&type=1&l=67995c7920


English translation:

 Prosecutor’s Office, city of Barnaul, Altai Region, Russia:

 To take the necessary measures to prosecute and punish 3 individuals who inflicted excruciating suffering on a stray cat by setting it on fire.

 On the 15 August 2013, at about 5 a.m. in the yard of a residential flat (address: Silikatnaya Street, 9, city of Barnaul) three young men Mikhail, Anton and Alexander brutally burned a live cat. The cat suffered severe burns and passed away 8 days later after enduring much agonizing pain.

The stray cat had a name - Vasiliy and lived near one of the flats in the area. The residents of the flat were taking care of Valisiy by feeding him and making him a little shelter made out of cardboard box.

All three individuals took part in this act of atrocious violence. All three actively participated in preparing for and executing this cold-blooded murder i.e. - found gasoline, poured it in a jar, covered the cat with a basket, carried the cat outside. All three were involved in setting this innocent animal on fire. They poured gasoline over the cat’s body, held him in place in order to inflict greater damage and pain to the cat, to prolong its suffering. These facts are evidence of the sadistic tendencies of the named individuals. These facts also show that all three planned the committing of the crime in advance, discussed the details, gathered the supplies beforehand, assigned roles and duties. The three individuals were acting as an organised criminal group with a clear plan and a goal.

This act of cruelty is exceptional in its brutality, viciousness and is absolutely barbaric.

The facts and evidence has been gathered from the account of the resident who managed to save the cat. This resident has also written a police report carefully describing what she has seen. The above facts are gathered from her statement.


The police were able to identify the individuals and brought them in for questioning, but soon released them. The reason given was that the cat was still alive at the time.


The perpetrators of this heinous sadistic crime may stay free and unpunished! The law about cruelty against animals is not applied in the country as it should be. At this point the individuals are charged with the article 245, part 1, which means they will only pay a fine. They must be charged with article 245, part 2 (group of individuals, organised criminal group), which will mean a fine and a prison sentence.

 Please sign the petition to Prosecutor’s Office, city of Barnaul to make sure that these criminals do get what they deserve – a severe punishment for torturing and killing an innocent helpless animal! This will also prevent further crimes of this nature by discouraging others.

The proper trial and an appropriate punishment of these three individuals will send a clear message to anyone who believes he or she can hurt a (street) animal without severe legal consequences!

 Photos of Valisiy the cat can be seen here: