Stop the killings in the ice concentration camp for animals at Ochichenko st. 57, Yakutsk,

Stop the killings in the ice concentration camp for animals at Ochichenko st. 57, Yakutsk,

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EVERY YEAR hundreds of dogs and cats die of terrible frostbite and starvation at -50 Celsius in the dog and cat (supposedly) temporary transit kennels at Ochichenko st. 57, Yakutsk; where they are commonly kept in open cages or on short leashes on the street.

These animals are not fed and are not given water. Only a few survive because at such low temperatures dogs die after 17 hours of starvation, and cats after only 7 hours. This animal population changes every year, few of them survive - by miracle! 

Volunteers from the “Help to survive” campaign in Yakutsk are trying to save the lives of these animals.

This inhumane disaster is of such a scale that it will require extensive media coverage, the use of all available resources, and the support of people of influence and authority if we are to change this terrible situation.

During holidays in January 2020 employees of the shelter did not work. “Help to survive” volunteers, (the only people who feed the animals), were not allowed to enter the shelter.

From December 2019 to January 2020 dozens of dogs and cats died in pain and anguish at the shelter which is a Russian ice concentration camp for animals - with temperatures of -50 Celsius!.. And this is not the first year that such a terrible situation has occurred! 100s of defenceless creatures are doomed to die in this horrible manner every year! In this 21st Century this cannot possibly be accepted or allowed to continue.

This is not just an ICE HELL for animals; this is an ICE AGE IN OUR HEARTS!

Every day will be the last for yet another harmless creature. We cannot allow such wickedness at Yakutsk to continue any longer.  

The few volunteers who are trying to help these animals are simply not enough, it’s a drop in the ocean! They are not able to resolve this enormous problem without help. 

Dear friends, this is a CATASTROPHE!

How many more animals will die before we take action?! Are we really going to sit and watch whilst hundreds CATS AND DOGS FREEZE TO DEATH in pain and anguish? 

This torment needs to be brought to the attention of AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE. It must not be ‘hushed’ any longer. 

Please, governments, legislators, media, actors, writers, public figures – RESPOND TO THIS CALL, HELP US MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND SAVE THE LIVES OF THESE FELLOW CREATURES who wholly depend on us - humans!

They beg for pity and help, but they cannot say it themselves, WE MUST SAY IT FOR THEM!


Dear friends, the MORE people who SIGN this petition, the MORE CHANCE there will be to  save the precious lives of THOSE ANIMALS WHO ARE STILL ALIVE!


Marina Friedman,

Together with International Animal Help Charity ‘Giving Hope’ Fund