#ZeroImpunity for sexual violence in armed conflicts





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#ZeroImpunity for sexual violence in armed conflicts

ZERO IMPUNITY is a project of investigation and activism to end impunity for sexual violence in the current armed conflicts.

At the core of ZERO IMPUNITY, 6 investigative reports question the failures within the major international institutions and states making it impossible to fight against sexual violence. Through exclusive testimonies from alert launchers, victims of sexual violence but also assailants, these investigations plunge us into the mechanisms of impunity at work. Each investigation is extended by a petition formulating concrete demands, to move the lines.

This action campaign will be amplified by the implementation of an innovative digital activism tool: the first 3D interactive march. Your signature counts. From March 27, 2017, each signature will be translated into a 3D spokesperson who will join the ranks of a great virtual march in support of the victims of the whole world.

This new form of digital activism will take on an urban guerilla dimension, thanks to video projections on facades in strategic spaces.

We must put pressure on political, judicial and military leaders.
So we have designed four petitions related to our investigations, with precise measures to enforce, in order to get things moving.

Together, let's put an end to the impunity of sexual violence in current armed conflicts!

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