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Wentworth (or Wentworth Prison as it is known in some international markets) is an award winning Australian prison television drama.

It has won a number of coveted awards including AACTA, ASTRA & Logie awards, as well as Australian Writers Guild and Australian Directors Guild awards.

Wentworth has been telecast on the Foxtel network since its inception in 2013, initially on the SoHo channel and now on Showcase.

Unfortunately, news broke on Friday, July 6th that Foxtel has made the decision not to renew the show after Season 7.  This is devastating news for the legion of dedicated fans across the world who have supported the show from the very beginning.

It is also a surprising decision given the recent Logie awards success for the show, as well as the purchase of the first five seasons by the ABC network in Australia.

The ultimate goal of this movement is to ensure that Wentworth gets an eighth season (and hopefully beyond).

We can hopefully achieve this by:

* Signing petitions and forwarding the results to Foxtel, Fremantle Media, media outlets, and other networks who might consider picking up the show (e.g. Stan Australia, Netflix Australia).

* Contacting Foxtel and Fremantle Media to express our thoughts and feelings about the show ending and encouraging them to continue the show.

* Contacting Stan Australia, Netflix Australia and any other networks that could pick up the show.

* Contacting overseas networks that could co-produce the show with Fremantle Media / Foxtel (pick up some of the costs).

Let's get behind the amazing cast and crew that bring us edge of our seat drama!

Organized by Lauren Ballie_09

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