Provide Support for New Parents in the American Workplace

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It's Working Project, powered by Forty Weeks is committed to helping the private sector successfully bring new parents back to work with ease, as a matter of course and with a sense of pride.

Through the Portrait Project, we are painting an honest and candid portrait of new parents in the American workplace. Our ever-evolving mosaic of personal narratives uncover a rich, compelling and honest depictions of young families in the American workplace. We are deeply committed to telling the truest story of work in America through the sharp, highly personal lens of those living the experience.

Our work with the private sector is fueled by our understanding that parents are profoundly changed when they return to work after having a baby. Life is never the same! Our work makes sense of what will come next - defining and exposing cultural shifts and small gestures that lead to a competitive workforce for the 21st century. By thinking about ways we can adapt for working families at work and at play, The It's Working Project is the first step in that journey. We encourage you to come along with us.

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