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Protect Trans Rights in Every State

This is an emergency. Across the country, from North Carolina to Mississippi to Alaska, LGBT rights are under attack. One by one, extremists in state legislatures are lining up to slash LGBT discrimination protections and cruelly scapegoat transgender people. These are the most dangerous efforts we’ve seen in years.

It’s hate that animated the North Carolina legislature and Governor Pat McCrory to establish the worst anti-LGBT law in the country. It’s hate that is motivating Tennessee legislators to threaten parents of transgender students. Hate moved South Dakota lawmakers to try to lead the nation in anti-transgender discrimination. Hate drove Mississippi’s elected officials late Wednesday night to pass a severe anti-LGBT and anti-woman bill.

But as we’ve seen so many times in our recent past, hate is no match for love. Love is what moved Thomas Lewis, a transgender student in South Dakota, to face down his governor and demand to be seen as human. Love is what’s activating Gretchen Peters, a Nashville music star and mother of a transgender child, to raise her voice in the service of protecting Tennessee’s youth. Love is driving Lara Americo, a transgender woman in North Carolina, to rally activists in her state to fight back against elected officials who took all of 12 hours to decide that her life matters less.

With your support, we swayed South Dakota’s governor to veto what would have been the country’s first explicitly anti-transgender law. We saw the governors of Georgia and Virginia neutralize their states’ attempts to legalize anti-LGBT discrimination in the guide of religious exemptions. We can win. With your help, we will win.

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