Protect Our Waters: Say No To Plastic Waste!





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Protect Our Waters: Say No To Plastic Waste!

Plastic waste. It’s something we all see everyday. Don’t be fooled to think that these plastics are merely an eyesore. We’ve become so accustomed to using plastic utensils, straws, water bottles, and bags that it’s become easy to ignore the impact this has on our environment and climate.

My name is Tyler and I’m in my fourth year of university, where I’m earning a degree in Environmental Studies. I'm also an environmental activist. Even for someone like me, it’s hard to avoid using plastic at places like fast food restaurants, and that needs to change.  

I’ve started this movement to highlight calls to action happening around the world, and to grow a community of everyday citizens pressing governments and companies to get serious about cleaning up our rivers, lakes and oceans. When we work together, and keep the pressure on, we really can make an impact. I know this firsthand.  In 2015 I collaborated with activists across Canada to successfully urge the government to ban plastic microbeads from beauty products.

An estimated 9.1 million tonnes of plastic waste entered the oceans in 2015 – with that number expected to double by 2025.  Recordings from Lake Ontario have shown micro plastic levels of over 1.1 million particles per square kilometer, this is higher than levels seen from in Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  

Plastics do not simply remain in our water systems, they also end up in our food chain.  With the ability to absorb contaminants, these particles become toxic, bioaccumulating in species low in the food chain, passing them on to larger predators such as humans.

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