Stand up for the Murray Darling

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For a thriving basin, our river needs to flow from its source to the sea. It’s time for our politicians to deliver on a plan for sharing water that has been a decade in the making.

We depend on our rivers flowing through our vast dry land. Our basin is a vast, connected community – of farmers and fish, towns and turtles, Traditional Owners, red gums and spoonbills. We all drink the same water and live upstream and downstream from each other.

Right now, our rivers and the country and communities they support are stressed because they don’t have enough water. That’s why basin communities, governments and irrigators made the Basin Plan – to make sure our rivers don’t dry out. 

It’s time to stand with the critters, farmers and communities who call the basin home, to make sure we can all thrive for generations to come. It’s time to ask our elected representatives to stand up to the vested interests and deliver the full Basin Plan.

Organized by Australian Conservation Foundation

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