Make Size & Appearance-Based Discrimination Illegal Across Canada

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Our goal is to get every province and territory across Canada working together to end size and physical appearance discrimination. By adding the categories of size and physical appearance as protected grounds in Human Rights Codes across Canada and the Canadian Human Rights Act, we will have legislative means to fight the systemic and everyday social, physical, mental and economic inequities experienced by those who endure exclusion and denial of access to fair treatment and resources based on other people's reactions to and judgments of the skin they are in.

Without changing laws you or your loved one have no way of feeling protected if this happens at work, school or in other daily interactions. Regardless of your size - big or small - your height, short or tall, or any other physical "difference" your body deserves respect! EveryBODY has the right to thrive without fear of being bullied. Ending size and physical appearance discrimination means ending one of the last socially-acceptable forms of bigotry.
First stop Canada next stop #SizeismSUCKSIntl because sizeism and appearance-based discrimination sucks everywhere!
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Jill Andrew, Toronto ON
#SizeismSUCKS National Campaign Creator
Founder, Body Confidence Canada 

Organized by Body Confidence Canada Awards

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