#WeAreHere for #JusticeReformNOW





About the movement

RIGHT NOW, we have a critical opportunity to pass historic federal legislation and move closer to ending mass incarceration in America.

With your help, we can reform mandatory minimum sentencing, "ban the box," establish alternatives to incarceration, and provide comprehensive re-entry assistance to men and women returning home from prison.

Together, we can push Congress and President Obama to take action to roll back the incarceration industry in America - sign our petition.

Support this Movement and help us bring about policy changes that keep people out of prison who don’t need to be there, and ensure that our justice system helps to heal communities, families and individuals.

#WeAreHere for #JusticeReformNOW is a partnership between We Are Here Movement, the social justice movement founded by Alicia Keys, and #cut50, an initiative founded by Van Jones to safely reduce America's prison population by 50 percent.

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