International Women’s Day: Behind Great Changes are Bold Women #IWD2017

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Millions of women and girls around the world use to start bold campaigns calling for social change. Today, and every day, we celebrate their leadership, courage, and determination.

At the age of 24, Jaha Dukureh started her very first petition on In it, she asked the Obama administration to take action and recognize that female genital mutilation (FGM) happens to children here in the United States. After generating more than 220,000 signatures and capturing the attention of international media, her petition won. In this video, Jaha describes what it’s like to start a petition, lead a campaign toward victory and asks viewers to consider starting their own petition, creating a fundraiser or becoming a member.

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Women start many of the most impactful petitions at Their voices mobilize the masses and demand decision makers’ attention. When women are empowered to create the kind of change they want to see, everyone wins. Here are just a few female-led petitions that you can support today.

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