End Food Waste in Canada

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We have the collective power to address the madness that results in one third of all food produced for human consumption being lost or wasted, while more than 800 million people go to bed hungry each night. Here in Canada, we are even more wasteful -- a full 40 percent of all our food, $31 billion worth, goes uneaten every year.

The Huffington Post Canada believes this is the time to strike because after years of inaction, governments, institutions and individuals are finally waking up to the challenge of food waste and are starting to take action.

The name of our food waste campaign is "Reclaim," which means to recover what has been lost. In this context, it has a double meaning. Reclaiming the power of citizens to drive real change in society and reclaiming our deep appreciation and love for Earth’s magnificent bounty on which all our lives depend.

Organized by The Huffington Post Canada

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