Thousands of people are calling Congress on Friday.

Apr 11, 2017

On Saturday, April 15, hundreds of thousands of people are expected to take to the streets in cities all over the country to demonstrate public support for the release of Donald Trump’s tax returns. The Tax March is being organized in over 50 cities, with the main (and biggest one) happening in Washington, D.C.

But before the marches happen, thousands of people will call their representatives in Congress to demand they push for the release of President Trump’s tax returns. To do so, they’ll be using a website that lets you to sign a petition and connects your phone to your representative with just a few clicks. Over 375,000 people have already signed the petition

Here’s a gif of how easy it is to use sign the petition and connect your phone to Congress:

The site was built by the team at Coding Zeal and is powered by and Twilio. So far nearly 5,000 phone calls have been logged! It’s always exciting to see our platform used in new and creative ways that help connect people with their representatives in Congress.

It works simply. Sign the petition (or just enter your zip code into the call tool) and the site will use your zip code to find your representative. Then just add in your phone number and your phone will start ringing — that’s you being connected with your representative’s office. You can even send a tweet directly to your rep’s handle:

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 10.22.07 PM

Here’s some of the feedback people are leaving after making their phone calls:

Great! Very efficient and forceful way to make your thoughts known. A young man took my name and address and said he would pass it on to Rep. Carbajal.

I left a voicemail with Rep. Jared Huffman’s office. The tool worked great. You’re right, it couldn’t be easier. Bring it on.

I called Rep. Seth Moulton in MA. He has called for Trump to release his tax returns according to his office. Thanks for this offer to us to call so easily.

Calling your representatives couldn’t be easier, and it’s an important action for everyone to take — remember, elected officials work for you! The more often they hear directly from you, the more likely they are to take your views into consideration. So if you support President Trump releasing his tax returns, use the site to make your call and sign up for a Tax March near you here.

Wondering what nearly 400,000 petition signatures look like? Here’s some photos from of the petition boxes taken in our office yesterday:

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 9.45.38 PM

Jonathan Perri is Associate Campaigns Director at You can follow him @_jonperri