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The Fight Against Female Genital Mutilation

Feb 9, 2017

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It was practiced in secret and it went unnoticed in India. Not anymore.

For the past two years, brave women from the Bohra community have been sharing their stories of Female Genital Mutilation or Cutting (FGM/C).

By sharing their stories they have rallied women across the country and the world to create a movement to end FGM/C in India.

Thousands of users have also supported the battle to end FGM/C in India by supporting their petition.


On February 6th, the International Day of Zero Tolerance to FGM, the petition was delivered to the National Commission For Women in New Delhi by Masooma Ranalvi.

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NCW Chairperson Lalitha Kumaramangalam received all 80,000 signatures and promised to support all measures to end FGM in India.

You can continue to support the women fighting FGM by sharing their petition and sharing the video on Facebook.