Statement: Brighton Unity Against Racism
  • Petitioned The people of Brighton, its unions, faith groups, council, come together.

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The people of Brighton, its unions, faith groups, council, come together.

Statement: Brighton Unity Against Racism

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      Brighton Unite Against Fascism

Brighton is a brilliant and vibrant city where many people of different cultures, backgrounds, abilities and faiths come together. It has a positive and unique character which its residents enjoy and embrace. Brighton people live here in the knowledge that they will be valued and that the things which make each individual different are celebrated here - not despised. We take great pleasure and pride in being surrounded by humanity in all its exciting diversity.

Because of this it is very saddening to discover that the far right group March for England, which is a division of the violent and racist organisation the English Defence League, is to march in Brighton (in April 2013).

When groups like this come to Brighton it is because our multicultural city in all its diversity proves that their own doctrine of hate is wrong, and they want to damage our unity. That is why we stand together: black, white and Asian; people of all faiths and of no faith; trade unionists; people of different political persuasions; University, school and college students; people of all abilities; whatever our sexuality.

In Brighton we all stand together. And when someone tries to threaten our community we must stand together even more firmly.

Supported by:
Brighton Trades Council
Brighton and Hove Unite Against Fascism
UCU- Brighton University

Brighton and Hove Unison

 Unison Sussex Partnership

Brighton and Hove NUT.

University of Sussex Students Union

University of Brighton Students Union
Sussex Labour Representation Committee.

Brighton and Hove City Council BME Workers Forum.

Brighton Love Music Hate Racism

Caroline Lucas, Green MP Brighton Pavillion

Itch – King Blues
James Ledward –editor Gscene.

Jason Kitkat,
Green Party Councillor, Leader of Brighton & Hove City Council
Ollie Sykes
Green Party Councillor, Brunswick and Adelaide Ward
Les Hamilton
Labour & Co-operative Councillor, South Portslade
Liz Wakefield,
Green Party Councillor, Hanover & Elm Grove
Pete West
Green City Councillor for St Peter's & North Laine Ward
Warren Morgan
Labour & Co-operative Councillor for East Brighton
Phélim Mac Cafferty
Green Party Councillor for Brunswick and Adelaide
Alexandra Phillips
Green Councillor for Goldsmid ward, Hove

Rob Jarrett
Green Party Councillor for Goldsmid ward

Ian Davey
Geen Party councillor for St Peter's & North Laine ward

Simon Burgess, Labour, former leader, Brighton and Hove council.

The people of Brighton, its unions, faith groups, council, come together.
Statement: Brighton Unity Against Racism

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    1. Reached 750 signatures
    2. National UAF conference

      Ken Livingstone, Owen Jones (Writer and journalist), Edie Friedman (Jewish Council for Racial Equality) and Linda Roy (Communication Workers Union) join the latest list of speakers to the UAF/OSMC conference.

      Saturday 2 March, 10–5.30pm
      Congress Centre, TUC, Great Russell Street,
      London WC1B 3LS

      30,000 Golden Dawn supporters took to the streets of Greece in early February. This is a stark reminder of how fascism takes advantage of an economic crisis by viciously attacking and scapegoating vulnerable communities. Racist murders have accompanied their rise and they have open support in the police and the army. When the Front National’s Marine Le Pen was invited to Cambridge Union this week, UAF’s demonstration opposing her visit became the story both nationally and internationally.

      More at

    3. Statement Stalls

      This weekend Brighton UAF held a stall in the town centre in support of this statement. hundreds of flyers were handed out and dozens of people stopped to sign the statement.
      The stall was widely welcomed and everyone who passed by expressed their opposition to racism and anger at a racist march taking place in our city. It is clear that many people in our city who have yet to sign this statement will do so as soon as they are aware of it, as ever if you have yet to share it, please do.

    4. Support grows.

      In the last 24 hours 75 people signed this statement, almost double the number for each of the previous two days. Help it go viral, share it, on social media, email and with everyone you know.

    5. Reached 250 signatures
    6. Please make sure you share this statement with all your contacts.

      The sidebar on this oage says we need to reach 100 signees, but in fact we want to get as many people to sign as possible, Brighton is full of people who oppose racism and we would love for as many as possible to take this opportunity to show solidarity.

    7. Reached 25 signatures


    Reasons for signing

      • about 1 year ago

      Diversity is essential for progression.

    • Nicky Stevenson BRIXHAM, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 1 year ago

      I lived through the revolting National Front marches in the 1970's and this should not be allowed to happen again.

      • about 1 year ago

      They should be imprisioned for spreading hatred and banned from gathering in the streets!

      • about 1 year ago

      I will be visiting Brighton as a conference delegate and want to show my support for the sensible people of Brighton who wish to oppose these extremists.

    • Martin Grimshaw BRIGHTON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • over 1 year ago

      The last two times the EDL have visited Brighton, they have endured a miserable day out in the face of significant counter protest from local people who consider their presence an affront to the values which make this city great, and I'm amazed they can muster anyone still willing to put themselves through a deeply unpleasant experience for them.

      However, the pressure put on local businesses and police, and the shameful, drunken and racist behaviour displayed by EDL members on recent visits suggest to me that their march must now be banned. To be clear, while we all have a right to march and protest, EDL's misinformed campaign against 'Islamification' is actually incitement to religious hatred.


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