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Shut Down Pornhub and Hold Its Executives Accountable for Aiding Trafficking

  ***THIS PETITION HAS MIGRATED TO PLEASE CLICK HERE TO JOIN OVER 2 MILLION PEOPLE WHO HAVE SIGNED TO SHUT DOWN PORNHUB FOR AIDING TRAFFICKING*** The #Traffickinghub campaign founded by Laila Mickelwait and powered by the anti-trafficking organization Exodus Cry, is a non-religious, non-partisan effort to hold the largest porn website in the world accountable for enabling and profiting off of the mass sex trafficking, rape and exploitation of women and minors. The petition has been signed by people from 192 countries and the campaign is supported by over 300 child protection and anti-trafficking organizations as well as experts on, and survivors of sex trafficking. To directly fund the Traffickinghub campaign give at, instead of donating on To get up to the minute updates on the progress of this initiative follow Laila Mickelwait on Twitter.  If you have been victimized on Pornhub or any Mindgeek owned website and want help click here.  Media inquiries can be directed to ### In recent news there have been numerous shocking cases of sex trafficking and child rape films that were hosted on Pornhub. A 15-year-old girl who had been missing for a year was finally found after her mother was tipped off that her daughter was being featured in videos on the site — 58 such videos of her rape and sexual abuse were discovered on Pornhub.  Her trafficker, who was seen in the videos raping the child, was identified using surveillance footage of him at a 7-Eleven where he was spotted with his victim. He is now facing a felony charge. In February 2020, the BBC reported the harrowing story of 14-year-old Rose Kalemba from Ohio who was taken at knifepoint, raped for twelve hours, and the crime scene videos of her abuse were uploaded to Pornhub. Rose said that she pleaded with Pornhub to remove the videos of her rape and torture for months, and it wasn't until she posed as a lawyer and threatened legal action that Pornhub finally took them down. In 2019 the Internet Watch Foundation stated that it alone had confirmed 118 cases of child rape and sexual abuse on Pornhub—half of the videos were Category A level abuse, which includes penetration and sadism.  The Sunday Times investigation into Pornhub reported finding "dozens" of illegal child abuse videos within "minutes", including abuse images of children as young as three years old. Some of the videos identified by the newspaper's investigation "had 350,000 views and had been on the platform for more than three years." It went on to say "three of the worst clips still remained on the site 24 hours later." Also in recent news was the case of 22 women who were deceived and coerced by Michael Pratt, owner of GirlsDoPorn, into performing sex acts on film that were subsequently uploaded to Pornhub. These women sued GirlsDoPorn and won a $12.7 million lawsuit against the company. According to a federal indictment, Pratt and his co-conspirators produced filmed child rape and sexual abuse content and trafficked a minor. Pratt reportedly fled the United States for New Zealand and is currently wanted on a federal warrant. But there are other individuals who should also be wanted by law enforcement — CEO Feras Antoon and COO David Tassillo of Mindgeek, the company that owns Pornhub. You see, Pornhub is complicit in the trafficking of these women and minors and probably thousands more like them. Pornhub is generating millions in advertising and membership revenue with 42 billion visits and 6 million videos uploaded per year. Yet it has no system in place to verify reliably the age or consent of those featured in the pornographic content it hosts and profits from. In fact, all that is needed to upload pornography onto Pornhub is an email address. No government-issued ID is required, not even to become “verified” with its trusty blue checkmark that makes everything seem a-OK. I know this, because I tried it. It took me under 10 minutes to create a user account and upload blank test content to the site, which went live instantly. I could have then gone on to become Pornhub-verified, and all I would need to do is send a photo of myself holding a paper with my username. That’s it. It is no surprise that Pornhub admitted to verifying the trafficked 15-year-old girl who was sexually abused in 58 videos on its site. The official Twitter account for Pornhub wrote in response to the breaking story that the 15-year-old girl had been a verified member. After quickly realizing it had just admitted to assisting in her being trafficked, the account deleted the tweets, but the evidence of the admission was cached and still exists. One of the most-searched terms on Pornhub is “teen” pornography, in fact it has been a top search term on the site for years. The search will result in videos that are constantly being added faster than any individual could watch them. Many feature girls who look 13 years old at best — girls with braces, pigtails, flat chests, no makeup, extremely young faces, holding teddy bears and licking lollipops, all while being aggressively penetrated. A quick search for the word “teen” turns up titles such as “Young Girl Tricked,” “Innocent Brace Faced Tiny Teen F---ed,” “Tiny Petite Thai Teen,” “Teen Little Girl First Time,” on and on ad infinitum. Pornhub has no reliable system in place to verify that those in the videos it hosts are not trafficked children being raped on film in order to line the pockets of its executives. What all of this means is that at this very moment, there could be hundreds, if not thousands, of videos of underage sex trafficking victims on Pornhub. We already have evidence, and it is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s time to shut down super-predator site Pornhub and hold the executives behind it accountable. Go to to learn more.  Victims of Pornhub/Mindgeek in the Media Rose Kalemba, 14yr old raped and videos uploaded to Pornhub for months. 15yr old rape and sex trafficking victim found in 58 Pornhub videos Pornhub verified 15yr old sex trafficking and rape victim 14yr old victim from Palo Alto, CA raped and videos uploaded to Pornhub Internet Watch Foundation confirmed 118 cases of child rape on Pornhub The Sunday Times investigation found "dozens" of illegal abuse videos in "minutes" Paypal cuts off service to Pornhub amid evidence of child rape and sexual abuse on site 22 sex trafficking victims on Pornhub partner channel GirlsDoPorn GirlsDoPorn sex trafficking ring a partner channel on Pornhub with 784,000 subscribers US federal indictment for sex trafficking and child pornography Nicole Addimando of NY sentenced to life in prison after killing attacker who sexually abused her and uploaded videos of her sexual assaults to Pornhub 14 rape victims of Taiwan's Justin Lee had their sexual assaults and rape videos on Pornhub

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Stop Sending U.S. Military Dogs to Jordan for them to be Starved and Abused!

The United States keeps sending our military bomb-sniffing dogs to the country of Jordan, where a Federal investigation revealed they are starved and neglected, that many died, and the dogs left are barely surviving.  The federal investigation recommendation to the United States Department of Justice was to stop sending dogs until there was a sustainability plan put in place, but the Department of Justice has not taken action on this recommendation. Despite spending "millions of dollars" training and dispatching the dogs, State Department officials failed to ensure their health and welfare, said the report, which was launched after a hotline complaint about the dogs' treatment. According to the report, the State Department's loose regulation and lack of concrete policies were a big factor in the dogs' mistreatment. The State Department couldn't provide investigators detailed information for the dogs in other partner countries besides Jordan, and there often aren't any written agreements with the countries outlining how to care for the dogs. We are asking the United States Department Of Justice to: Stop sending additional dogs to Jordan until policies, a plan and assurances are put into place to properly monitor and ensure the well-being of those military dogs. Investigate and provide investigators detailed information about the dogs and their well-being in the other partner countries besides Jordan. Let's ensure the protection and care of the U.S. military dogs that work hard and risk their lives every day, serving our and our partner countries.### [[[ Guys: here are a couple of credible links to this story on CNN and Washington Post]]] 1. 2.

Namrata Singh Gujral
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STOP the Israeli forces assault to Coptic monks & preserve Coptic heritage -Deir El Sultan

#CopticDeir #دير_السلطان_قبطي Current Situation Israeli soldiers and police officers are using unacceptable and excessive use of force on Coptic monks and deacons as they lawfully protested the execution of an order that contravenes a standing Israeli Supreme Court ruling on property in favor of the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem.  "Coptic clergy, accompanying His Eminence Archbishop Antonios, Coptic Orthodox Metropolitan Archbishop of Jerusalem, were peacefully demonstrating at the Sultan Monastery in Jerusalem’s Old City, officially the property of the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem. Urgent restoration work has been needed for some time, and the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate had offered on numerous occasions to carry out the required work itself, but was refused. This work is now being carried out by Israeli authorities on their own terms, without the approval of the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate, and while preventing Archbishop Antonios access throughout. According to the 1971 Israeli Supreme Court ruling, the Coptic Orthodox Church was given sole rights over the Sultan Monastery, but to-date Israeli authorities have failed to implement the ruling, giving rise to unnecessary dissatisfaction, confusion, tension, and violent and forceful behavior against the Coptic community on numerous occasions. This can be alleviated with the execution of the aforementioned standing Supreme Court ruling of 1971 in favor of the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem." -Bishop Angelos  A Brief History The Coptic Monastery of the Sultan in Jerusalem dates back to the reign of Sultan Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan (684-705 AD), who gave it to the Copts and therefore it was named Deir El-Sultan (i.e. Monastery of the Sultan). The Coptic Orthodox Church’s ownership of Deir El-Sultan was confirmed during the reign of Sultan Salah ad-Din in the twelfth century. Deir El-Sultan is part of the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria. The Monastery is located on the roof of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem and has an entrance leading into the Church. It covers an area of 1,800 square meters. In the middle of the outer courtyard it contains the dome of the Church of Saint Helen. It also contains two ancient churches on the southeast side of the monastery, the first is the Church of Archangel Michael and the second is the Church of the Four Living Creatures. On the eastern side of the courtyard there are rooms where the Copts host some of the Ethiopian monks alongside the Abbot’s room where a Coptic monk resides. In the latter half of the seventeenth century, the Ethiopians turned to the Coptic Church to find a temporary shelter because the ownership of their Churches was transferred to the Roman and Armenian churches in 1654. This occurred because the Ethiopian Church was unable to pay their taxes. The Coptic Church in Jerusalem hosted the Ethiopian monks temporarily as guests in Deir Al Sultan.  On October 17th, 1820, the Coptic Church renovated Deir Al Sultan, and this required all residents, both Copts and Ethiopians to temporarily vacate the Monastery. The Ethiopian monks were allowed to return to stay as guests in the monastery in 1840 as members of the Coptic Church. Some persons representing foreign governments spread seeds of discord between the Copts and the Ethiopians and they urged the Ethiopian monks to repeatedly attempt to seize the monastery. This occurred on: - November 1850, the Ethiopians tried to seize the key of Deir El-Sultan, but it was returned to the Copts according to an official document by the Ottoman Empire on February 3rd, 1851.  - In 1862, they once again attempted to seize the key, but the key of the monastery was returned according to an official document by the Ottoman Empire on March 9th, 1863. - In 1888, the Copts made renovations to one of the churches of Deir Al-Sultan with the official permission of the Jerusalem Municipality. The Ethiopian monks tried to prevent the Copts from completing the renovations. The Copts filed a lawsuit to the Ottoman Ministry of Justice in Istanbul on December 2nd, 1891. The Ottoman Sultan decided on January 18th, 1894 that the Copts had the right of ownership of Deir El-Sultan, obliging the Ethiopians to stay away. - In 1906, the Ethiopian monks requested to renovate the monastery as an initial step in the attempt to seize it. Therefore, the Coptic Church hastened to file a request for renovation, which was approved by the concerned official authorities in 1910, confirming the Copts’ right to manage Deir El-Sultan. - In 1945, during the British mandate, the Ethiopians painted one of the rooms in which they lived. The governor of Jerusalem sent a letter to them confirming that this work may not be considered in the future as a presumption supporting any of their rights in Deir El-Sultan. He sent a copy of this letter to Coptic Bishop in Jerusalem. - In February of 1959, the Ethiopians misled the Jordanian administrator of Jerusalem, convincing him of their right to Deir El-Sultan. The Jordanian government handed Deir El-Sultan over to the Ethiopians by force on February 22nd, 1961. The Patriarch, Pope Cyril VI, sent a delegation of Archbishops to meet with His Majesty, the King of Jordan. They provided the King with documents proving the Coptic Church’s ownership of the monastery. His Majesty issued a decision on April 1st, 1961 to cancel the previous decision and to form a ministerial committee to study the documents submitted. Accordingly, the committee issued a decision annulling the previous decision issued on February 22nd, 1961, and confirmed the right of the Copts in the ownership of Deir El-Sultan and the need to return the keys to the Coptic Church. - On April 25th, 1970, during the Holy Resurrection Liturgy at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Israeli government sent military forces who enabled the Ethiopians monks to seize Deir El-Sultan and change the locks. They gave the new keys to the Ethiopians. When the Coptic monks knew this, they rushed to Deir El-Sultan to recover their property, but the Israeli forces forcibly prevented the Bishop of the Copts and all those with him from entering Deir El-Sultan. The Bishop of the Copts immediately filed a lawsuit in the Israeli Supreme Court, which unanimously decided, on March 16th, 1971, to return the keys of the Monastery to the Copts. However, the Israeli government has refused to implement the decision of the Israeli Supreme Court since 1971 to the present day. - On September 22nd, 2017, as a result of renovations on the roof of the Greek Orthodox Church adjacent to Deir El Sultan, a small stone fell from the roof of the Church of Archangel Michael, one of the two churches in Deir El Sultan. This led to the closure of the church by the Dangerous Buildings Department of the Jerusalem Municipality until the completion of renovations and the repair of the damage to the roof of the church. For some strange reason, all the preliminary consultations and inspections of the damage were done without notifying the Coptic Church, the owner of the property. We therefore contacted the concerned departments and authorities to express our dissatisfaction at this complete disregard of our ownership of the property. We asked in writing to have the necessary repairs done at our own expense. The request was refused, and the government offered to do the repairs as a neutral party. We gave them some conditions in order for us to accept this and we also sent a letter stating the conditions. As we did not receive any reply, we sent several other letters to confirm our readiness to complete the repairs at our expense. We sent the engineering report, the blueprints, and the Contract Agreement to the engineering office assigned with the renovations of the archaeological sites in order to start the necessary repairs, but we have yet to receive any written response. On the evening of Thursday, October 19th, 2017, the government-appointed engineer tried to admit the equipment to begin repairs without notifying us in writing. All of us, as monks, deacons, sub-deacons, led by our Archbishop, rushed to perform a peaceful protest in front of Deir Al Sultan’s gate to prevent the entry of any equipment for repair. Some officers from various parties tried to convince us to allow the equipment to enter the site, but we refused this without prior coordination in order to preserve our rights. The Egyptian Embassy intervened in this matter, and this led to the delay of the work until coordination in writing is made with us. It is worth mentioning that the Egyptian Foreign Ministry firmly supports the Coptic Church in its legitimate demand for its right to restore a Coptic Egyptian monument, on the basis that Deir El-Sultan is a matter that concerns Egypt and not only the Church.  We call upon all parties concerned to support the Coptic Church in preserving its property in the Holy Land.

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Condemn Ethiopian State Violence and Demand the Release of All Political Prisoners

Sign this petition to demand, alongside the Oromo Community, the immediate release of all political prisoners in Ethiopia without any preconditions and an end to Ethiopian state violence. Sign this petition to also demand that the Ethiopian Government stop its extrajudicial killings across the country, lift the internet shutdown and stop the censorship of media and journalists. BACKGROUND: On June 29, 2020, prominent Oromo artist-activist Hachalu Hundessa was gunned down and murdered in Finfinne (Addis Ababa), Ethiopia. The Oromo Community across the United States and around the world is shocked, devastated and pained by the assassination of Hachalu. Hachalu was a living legend, our hero, and the voice of the Oromo people. He was an artist who was able to musically capture the Oromo culture and aspirations for freedom, human rights and equality for the Oromo people in Ethiopia.  Hachalu’s music had been the soundtrack to the 2014-2018 Oromo Protests Movement, which led to the resignation of former Prime Minister Hailemariam Desagln and the toppling of the TPLF authoritarian regime. Hachalu had the unique capability to capture the Oromo struggle for equality and human rights in Ethiopia--a struggle that is now unfortunately still ongoing due to the continuation of extrajudicial killings, military command posts in the western and southern areas of the Oromia region, political imprisonment and the indefinite postponement of elections under current Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Prime Minister Abiy has failed to usher in democracy, respect for human rights and peace in Ethiopia. Hachalu criticized Prime Minister Abiy’s human rights abuses just one week before his assassiation. We believe Hachalu was targeted because of his identity and for sharing his criticisms and point of view unapologetically.  We have not only lost Hachalu. Our community continues to experience senseless killings and violence. Following Hachalu’s murder, the Ethiopian security officers shot and killed protestors who were mourning Hachalu and detained many Oromo political opposition group leaders and members, such as Bekele Gerba, Jawar Mohammed, Dejene Tafa, Dr. Shugux Galataa, Mikael Boran, Kennasaa Ayyaanaa, and dozens of journalists, activists, and civilians. Two U.S. citizens who were visiting Ethiopia from their home state of Washington, Redwan Aman and Yusuf Beshir, were also illegally detained. The Ethiopian government also shut down a prominent media network and internet access across the country. Oromos have experienced a long history of systemic marginalization, abuses, killings, imprisonment, all documented by human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. The Oromo Community is asking: when will these senseless killings stop? When will Ethiopia and its government recognize and value the human rights of Oromo citizens?  Sign this petition to demand, alongside the Oromo Community, the immediate release of all political prisoners in Ethiopia without any preconditions and an end to Ethiopian state violence. Ethiopian government must stop all extrajudicial killings, lift the internet shutdown and stop the censorship of media and journalists.

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Cierren Pornhub e investiguen a los ejecutivos por ser cómplices de tráfico sexual

US / AR / IT  / GER En los últimos meses, ha habido varios casos impactantes de tráfico sexual y violación tanto a mujeres como niños y niñas alojados en el sitio Pornhub. Una chica de 15 años, que había estado desaparecida por un año, fue finalmente encontrada cuando le informaron a su madre que aparecía en videos del sitio. Se encontraron 58 videos donde abusaban sexualmente de ella. También fue noticia reciente el caso de 22 mujeres que fueron engañadas y coaccionadas por Michael Pratt, dueño de GirlsDoPorn, para realizar actos sexuales en una película que después sería subida a Pornhub. Estas mujeres denunciaron a GirlsDoPorn y ganaron una demanda por $12.7 millones de dólares contra la compañía. De acuerdo con una demanda federal, Pratt y sus co-conspiradores filmaron contenidos de violación y abuso sexual de niñas y traficaron con una menor. Pornhub es cómplice de tráfico y abuso sexual, tanto de estas mujeres y menores de edad como probablemente de muchas más.  Pornhub tiene ingresos millonarios por publicidad y membresías con 42 mil millones de visitas y 6 millones de videos subidos por año. Sin embargo, no tiene ningún tipo de sistema para verificar la edad o el consentimiento de las personas que aparecen en los videos pornográficos que alberga y de los cuales obtiene ganancias. De hecho, lo único que se necesita para subir pornografía al sitio es un e-mail. No piden un documento de identidad, ni siquiera para tener cuenta "verificada" con su marca azul, que genera la confianza de que todo está bien. Sólo toma 10 minutos crear una cuenta y subir un video, que está disponible para reproducirse al instante. Cualquiera puede tener una cuenta verificada por Pornhub, sólo se necesita enviar una foto de uno mismo sosteniendo un papel con tu nombre de usuario. Sí, eso es todo. De hecho, Pornhub admitió públicamente que verificó la cuenta de la chica de 15 años que fue abusada sexualmente en 58 videos que aparecían en el sitio. Su cuenta oficial de twitter escribió en respuesta a la noticia de la chica, admitiendo que había sido un miembro verificado. Al darse cuenta que estaban admitiendo ser cómplices de tráfico sexual, la cuenta borró los tweets inmediatamente. Pero la evidencia todavía existe. Uno de los términos más buscados en Pornhub es pornografía “teen” o “adolescente”, de hecho ha sido uno de los diez términos más buscados en el sitio durante seis años consecutivos. De este tipo cada vez hay más videos, que se agregan más rápido de lo que podría ver una persona. Muchos de estos muestran chicas que parecen tener 13 años como mucho, con brackets, colitas, sin estar desarrolladas, sosteniendo osos de peluche y comiendo una paleta mientras son agresivamente penetradas.  Pornhub no tiene un sistema fiable para verificar que las chicas que aparecen en los videos no son víctimas de trata que están siendo violadas,  esto por la falta de una real verificación y control de los videos.  Lo que todo esto significa es que en este momento, podría haber cientos, o tal vez miles de videos de menores víctimas de tráfico sexual en Pornhub. Ya tenemos pruebas que son sólo la punta del iceberg. Es hora de cerrar Pornhub y que sus ejecutivos rindan cuentas sobre su complicidad en el tráfico sexual de mujeres y niñas.  Para contactar a Laila Mickelwait:

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Save Aysha and Her Family from Being Executed by the Taliban

Aysha and her family are in critical danger because Aysha's father, Muhammad, is a heroic Afghan interpreter who worked for the US mission in Afghanistan for more than 10 years and was threatened with death by the Taliban. As NBC News has reported, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which is part of Department of Homeland Security, has been stonewalling several bipartisan members of Congress for over two years on why Muhammad and his family were denied visas. The family remains in critical danger as they wait. Tell USCIS that ignoring Congress is unacceptable. USCIS must approve Muhammad, Aysha, and the rest of the family's case to save them from the Taliban before it is too late. USCIS doesn't question that leaving this family behind is a death sentence. They just don't care enough about refugees to even save a toddler from the Taliban. As a US military interpreter, Muhammad directly saved American soldiers' lives, including one time he dashed into an ambushed vehicle under Taliban fire. His military supervisors praised his work ethic, dedication, and trustworthiness, and his incredible skill of fluently speaking six languages made him indispensable on Special Forces night raids on Taliban insurgents. But the Taliban considers him a criminal, accused him of converting to Christianity, and is working hard to find and kill Muhammad, his wife, and his young children. The whole family has been living in hiding for more than five years. They are living in daily fear of being discovered and killed by the Taliban. Even the children are unable to leave their apartment. Leaks in the roof have made the young girls sick on several occasions from getting infections from bacteria in the water or getting cold in the winter.  Meet Aysha, Muhammad, and the rest of their family in our 2-min YouTube video and help us by sharing the video (especially with your representatives in Congress). As I wrote about in USA Today, my family and I tried to sponsor Aysha and her family for emergency humanitarian parole visas to save their lives, but the USCIS denied the cases despite the strong support of a former Navy Lieutenant who personally worked with Muhammad in Afghanistan. USCIS later admitted that they didn't read the humanitarian cases before denying them. Aysha's aunt and uncle in the United States even offered to care for her and her sisters, but USCIS refused to even save the kids, making the ridiculous claim that Aysha and her sisters are “security concerns.” The Ongoing Fight to Save Aysha and Her Family After USCIS denied the humanitarian visas in 2017, we traveled to Washington, D.C. in April and June 2018 and met with dozens of Congressional offices. In July 2018, 38 bipartisan members of Congress sent a letter to former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen asking to review the reason that the family's refugee case was denied. USCIS took several months to respond to the letter, and they are still refusing to answer Congress’s questions about why the case was denied. Rep. Raskin questioned then Secretary Nielsen at a Judiciary Committee hearing in December 2018, and she promised to immediately provide a briefing to members of Congress about the case. But instead DHS ignored all of Rep. Raskin's follow up requests. USCIS has also ignored Senate offices that have contacted them about the case. Four bipartisan members of Congress then sent a letter on February 14th, 2019 demanding to know why the family's case was denied. Again on May 22nd, Representatives Jamie Raskin, Tom Reed, Pramila Jayapal, and John Garamendi sent a letter to USCIS reiterating their request for a briefing on the family’s case. Despite all of Congress’s ongoing efforts, USCIS is still ignoring Congress’s request to review the reason for the denial. This is unacceptable for USCIS to ignore Congress’s requests for information on the case. We continue to ask Congress to demand answers on why the Kamran family’s case was denied. Just a few weeks ago, USCIS agreed to meet with several Congressional offices to discuss this case and the related policy issue of a 99% drop in admissions of US military interpreters as refugees. However, USCIS has already said that the reason they denied the case is classified, and they are still refusing to give a classified briefing with members of Congress. So they are still stonewalling Congress's main request, but we are encouraged that the pressure from Congress is yielding some results. We have recently found some refugee advocates in Canada who have stepped up to help get the family to Canada. Consequently, we are working on an application for a private sponsorship to Canada (under current Canadian policy, a private sponsorship to Canada rather than a more typical UN referral is the only option for refugees presently in Pakistan). You can contribute to the funds required for the sponsorship here on our Go Fund Me page. What You Can Do 1. Sign this petition to tell USCIS to approve Asha's and her family's cases quickly. Aysha's father Muhammad is a hero who faithfully served the US mission in Afghanistan for over 10 years and is now in grave danger because the Taliban is determined to get revenge. He has already lost everything except his and his family's lives because of his service to America, but he is still proud of his choice to work for the US military. All he wants in return is the chance to bring his daughters to safety and to give them a future. If USCIS does not re-open and approve his case, he will be left behind to be killed by the same terrorists that he risked his life to fight for so many years. 2. Call your Congressional representatives and your Senators and ask them to support our effort asking USCIS for information on why they denied Muhammad's case. If you need contact information on your Congressional representatives, use this link to look them up: 3. Donate to or share our Go Fund Me pages to (1) raise money for a Canadian refugee case for the family or (2) provide money for the family to survive while they wait for visas. Canada requires that one year's worth of living expenses be saved ahead of time before they will evaluate the case. Since the family is living in hiding, Muhammad is unable to work and would not be able to survive without financial support for current living expenses. For legal reasons, we have separate Go Fund Me pages for the Canadian refugee case and for current living expenses for the family. More Details on Aysha and her Family's Story Aysha's family's story is summarized below and has been reported on by NBC News, The Christian Post, USA Today, McClatchy DC, The Sacramento Bee, RedState, The Ithaca Voice (here, here, and here), No One Left Behind, and the Evangelical Immigration Table. You can also hear Muhammad's story in his own words in our 4-min YouTube video or in a recent interview on The Michael Calderin Show.  When the US military mostly pulled out of Afghanistan in 2014, the Taliban gained strength in Afghanistan and killed many interpreters or their family members in revenge. One of Muhammad's brothers and a nephew, Sahil, who was also an interpreter, were shot and left for dead in an assassination attempt on Muhammad and his family. After the Taliban ambush, Muhammad fled his home district, just in time to escape a second Taliban attack that destroyed their family home. Consequently, Muhammad lost all contact with US military personnel who could have helped him apply for an SIV visa. When I learned about Muhammad and his family's plight over three years ago, I was determined to do everything possible to save their lives. Muhammad had tried to apply to the US as a refugee on his own, but he was denied for “discretionary security reasons,” a very common problem for former military interpreters and their families. When Muhammad's refugee case was denied, he was devastated and lost all hope for saving his life and his family's lives. He said the only option left for him was to surrender to the Taliban, thinking that after the Taliban tortured and killed him, they would stop looking for his children. I told him not to give up and promised him to find a way to save their lives. Please help me keep my promise to Muhammad to save his life and his family's lives. They do not deserve to suffer and die because of Muhammad's service to the US military. My family hired a lawyer and filed a humanitarian parole case to sponsor Muhammad and his family to come live in the US while he works to get permanent, legal status in the US. Our humanitarian parole case for them may be our last chance to save their lives. In what our lawyer says is the most egregious case she has ever seen, USCIS denied Muhammad and his family's humanitarian parole cases because his refugee case had been denied and without even bothering to figure out why the refugee case had been denied. Thus, they denied Muhammad's humanitarian parole case for “discretionary reasons” without even knowing what those discretionary reasons were. This is effectively a death sentence for the entire family. When our lawyer pleaded with USCIS to at least let Muhammad's young daughters come live with their aunt and uncle in the US, the director of the Humanitarian Affairs Branch of USCIS, John Bird, refused to approve any of the family's cases and made the absurd claim that granting a one-year visa to anyone in the family, including Muhammad's 2- and 4-year-old daughters, was a security concern. Because of USCIS's policy and Muhammad's service to the US military, Muhammad's children were literally born with a death sentence. Mr. Bird acknowledges that Muhammad and his family meet all the criteria for humanitarian parole, and he does not question that they will be killed if left in their current situation. He just does not care enough about Muslim refugees to even save a toddler from the Taliban.  Worse yet, in October 2017 USCIS granted humanitarian parole to family members of Las Zetas drug cartel members who murdered US ICE agents in Mexico, so that the family members of the murderers could attend a trial in Washington, D.C. Thus, USCIS is literally treating Muhammad and his family worse than criminals. Please contact your representatives in Congress and Senators and ask them to help with this case. You can email me (save.aysha (at) for more information. If you want to contribute to supporting the Kamran family while we work to get them visas, please visit our Go Fund Me page. Email me (Kristy Perano) at save.aysha (at) to find out how you can help or for more information on Muhammad's case. Please also email me if you know Muhammad personally or if you know any government officials or reporters who may be able to help raise public awareness of Muhammad's case.

Kristy Perano
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Petitioning US State Department

Categorize The KKK as a Terrorist Organization

In 1865 the hate group known as the Ku Klux Klan was formed following the defeat of the Confederacy in the American Civil War. For four years the group terrorized people of color in escalating incidents of violence that eventualy led it's founder to try and disband the very group he created. In 1871 Congress passed the Third Force Act, commonly known as the Ku Klux Klan Act, and martial law was declared while simultaneously categorizing the KKK as a terrorist organization. This allowed Ulysses Grant to make hundreds of arrests using military force while suppressing the KKK wherever possible. In 1882, Congress deemed the Ku Klux Klan Act unconstitutional thereby protecting their organization under constitutional freedom of speech. At no point in history has speaking their opinion been the primary focus of the hate group known as the KKK. For over a hundred years since the Act was overturned, the organization has reigned unchecked and remained violent and terroristic towards people of color. On May 25th, 2020, George Floyd, an African American, was murdered in cold blood by a white police officer in the streets of Minneapolis. This led to civil unrest across the entire globe in support of change for the United States and equality for people of color who have been oppressed for over 150 years in our country. The peaceful protests quickly turned to riots as the voices of the people went unheard. On June 2nd of 2020, president Donald Trump used social media to proclaim his interest in labeling Antifa as a terrorist group and letting them shoulder the blame for the destruction during the protests. The destruction of life is of far greater consequence than the destruction of property, and rioting is the voice of the unheard. In honor of George Floyd, and in celebration of equality, we move that the KKK and other hate organizations who discriminate and support prejudice and hate for our fellow human beings all be further categorized as terrorist organizations once again, and be eliminated from our country's soil with the creation of the George Floyd Act. Anyone with any ties to these organizations should be arrested and charged as threats to our nation and it's citizens. There is no reason why these organizations should be allowed to exist, much less be protected under our nation's constitution.

Jamison Johnson
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Petitioning Department of Justice

Cierren Pornhub e investiguen a sus ejecutivos por ser cómplices de tráfico sexual

En los últimos meses, ha habido varios casos impactantes de videos de abuso sexual tanto a mujeres como niños alojados en el sitio Pornhub. Un chica de 15 años que había estado desaparecida por un año fue finalmente encontrada cuando a su madre le avisaron que aparecía en videos porno el sitio. Se descubrieron 58 videos de donde abusaban sexualmente de ella y la violaban. También fue noticia reciente el caso de 22 mujeres que fueron engañadas y coercionadas por Michael Pratt, dueño de GirlsDoPorn, para performar actos sexuales que serían grabados para ser subidos a Pornhub. Estas mujeres denunciaron GirlsDoPorn y ganaron una demanda por $12.7 millones contra la compañía. Pornhub es cómplice de trata y abuso sexual, tanto de estas mujeres y menores de edad como probablemente muchos más.  Pornhub genera millones en publicidad y membresía con 42 billones de visitas y 6 millones de videos subidos cada día. Sin embargo, no tiene ningún tipo de sistema para verificar la edad o el consentimiento de las personas que aparecen en los videos pornográficos de los que obtiene ganancias. De hecho, lo único que hace falta para subir pornografía al sitio es un e-mail. No piden un documento de identidad ni siquiera para tener una cuenta “verificada” con el tilde azul que genera la confianza de que todo está bien. Tardás menos de 10 minutos en crear una cuenta y subir un video, que está disponible para reproducirse al instante. Luego, uno puede pasar a tener una cuenta verificada por Pornhub, tan solo enviando una foto de sí mismo sosteniendo un papel con tu nombre de usuario.   De hecho, Pornhub admitió públicamente que verificó la cuenta de la chica de 15 años que fue abusada en 58 videos en el sitio mediante una serie de tweets que luego borraron, al darse cuenta que estaban admitiendo ser cómplices de tráfico sexual. De todas formas, la evidencia sigue estando. Uno de los términos más buscados en Pornhub es pornografía “teen” o “adolescente”. De este tipo hay cada vez más videos, que se agregan más rápido de lo que puede ver una persona. Muchos de estos muestran chicas que parecen de 13 años como mucho, con brackets, colitas, sin estar desarrolladas, comiendo un chupetín mientras son agresivamente penetradas.  Y es imposible saber si estas chicas son mayores y están consintiendo hacer estos videos de fantasía o si son menores de edad siendo explotadas, por la falta de una real verificación y control de los videos.  Ya tenemos evidencia de varios casos de tráfico sexual de menores de edad en Pornhub, y es tan sólo la punta del iceberg. Es hora de cerrar Pornhub y que sus ejecutivos rindan cuentas sobre su complicidad en el tráfico sexual de mujeres y niños.  Para contactar a Laila Mickelwait:

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